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Decadent :) very yummo, Kate! Sorry that I didn't have spirals, but rigatoni worked very well, and this symphony of cheese and butter is guaranteed to leave you totally at peace with the world! I did add a little fried bacon ... primarily because I had it, and it does go well with mac 'n 'cheese, but really, this dish is already so rich that the bacon was over-kill. Due to time constraints, I didnt bake it, and I added a little cream for a smooth saucy texture. Really really good .... :D Made for PMMR Aus/NZ tag game.

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Karen Elizabeth September 27, 2011

Delicious !! Very nice quick satisfying recipe. Loved the addition of the bleu cheese, thought this made the recipe flavorful. Kids enjoyed this very much too. Served this with Low-Fat Pizza Style Meatloaf#454317. Thanks for a great recipe. Made for Holiday Tag.

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weekend cooker July 23, 2012

Oh so yummy! The cheeses blended together so well, and left us satisfied and maybe a little sleepy! I served this with salmon patties and roasted asparagus. Delicious! Thank you kate! I will be making this again!

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kittycatmom March 21, 2012
Baked Three Cheeses and Buttered Spirals