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These were tasty little cakes that were a little problematic in execution. As others have stated before, the mixture is just too wet. I spooned it onto a baking pan in dollops, and ended up with 12 decent sized patties. However, as has also been previously noted, there was a lot of liquid while the cakes baked. I have the feeling that perhaps the coconut milk should be decreased. I cooked these for 25 minutes in a 400-degree oven. I actually ate these cold, as well, and they made a nice take-along lunch. Made by a Tasty Tester for ZWT9.

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JackieOhNo! September 03, 2013

these are strange. didnt use coriander, (YUK) subbed parsly. they were pasty looking, very unatractive, and I tasted one hot and thought I would have to choose again. BUT when they were cold, daughter and I tasted them, and they were so darn addictive!!! she took some home and hubby and two friends said the same thing. The taste is just "ok" BUT i WANT ANOTHER ONE.
I guess that makes it a 5 star, cause they all gone :)
made for Aussie swap april 2012

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mummamills April 19, 2012

This had great flavor! I altered it a bit because of what I had on hand. I used diced onions instead of the green onions, 1 T. ground corriander instead of fresh, 1 Tbsp. brown sugar instead of fish sauce, and I omitted the egg. I stir-fried everything together along with some broccoli-slaw (similiar to cabbage) and served it over steamed rice. I'll definitely make this again!

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ShaGun November 01, 2010

Yummo! I'm not sure how widely available it is outside the Asia / Pacific region but I used thick coconut milk that doesn't really resemble milk, you could turn the can upside down without any coming out. Using that the mix wasn't runny, some came out in the oven but it gave it a wonderful slightly steamed effect and I really enjoyed it because it didn't burn on the outside and hide the other great flavours going on. I made larger cakes cooked for 25 mins as a main and served along with a salad as a delicious dinner.

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Peter J May 29, 2010

A flavor adventure! What a wonderful combination of flavors. I especially loved the lemongrass. I made these into larger patties for our main course. The mixture made 8 large patties. Also, I chose to pan fry them in a bit of oil. My family ate them on buns, I had mine without the bun and served sweet chili sauce on the side. Delicious! Note: the mixture was veryyyyyy runny but they turn out just fine, don't worry. I pretty much ladled the mixture, into pattie shapes, into the pan. They firmed right up upon cooking! ~Made for ZWT6 Zee Zany Zesty Cookz~

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LifeIsGood May 24, 2010

I am not sure exactly what to say.. the recipe gets 5 stars for flavour and 3 stars for texture and presentation. The chicken mixture was too wet and the coconut milk was oozing out while cooking - I chose the frying on the pan method. I tried to add bread crumbs to the 2nd batch on the pan, but it did not help. I reread the recipw to make sure that I didn't mess something up. Perhaps it was the water content of the ground chicken, the packaging did not mention water content, fat was 8%. But anyway - the flavour was great and I just made if for 'us' and not as an appetizer for guests. I really wish I could figure out why it didnt work. I would recommend that the coconut milk is added 'as needed'. Made for Holiday Tag.

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Deantini November 17, 2009

I loved these! they were so flavorful and just so easy to put together. A real winner kate!

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MarraMamba September 03, 2009

The flavour of these are excellent!! I was worried at first that they were to runny and would not hold without adding breadcrumbs, but they were perfect. You will have to keep your hands wet, to mold into patties, without having them stick to everything, but resist the temptation to add any sort of breadcrumbs as they turn out so moist and tender this way and that is what makes them that bit special. I did mine in a fry pan coated in a little oil rather than baking them for colour. I served ours as a main meal with noodles and sweet chili as a dipping sauce, which was gorgeous, but I will say, I tasted them by themselves first and the flavour is awesome just as is. Making these as a finger food would go down well at any party and I will look forward to making them at my next gathering.

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The Flying Chef December 16, 2008
Baked Thai Chicken Cakes