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I really did begin w/good intent. I planned to make your easy-fix recipe w/1 chg - subbing Gouda for the Swiss cheese that is oddly hard to find here. Then I went astray. Since I usually add onion & celery to stuffing, I sauteed them w/the chicken to jump-start the cooking process. Having already partially "vegefied" the recipe, I took another step & par-boiled carrot coins to add. Since the recipe didn't specify an assembly method, I decided to mix everything together for even distribution of the ingredients & planned to save half the cheese for the top of the casserole. Then I went astray again & used a grated blend of Asiago, Parmesan & Romano I got in the US vs the Gouda. I hope you'll forgive the liberties I took expanding the recipe as the outcome was quite tasty. This is a basic ingredient & family-friendly quick-fix meal that IMO invites pers pref chgs & I esp favour these types of recipes. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us.

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twissis October 23, 2012

This was awesome. I made it more as a casserole, because my chicken wasn't all the way thawed and I was worried about the cooking time. I just sliced it thinly and covered it with all the other ingredients and it cooked up great! My husband ate every last drop for lunches the next few days.

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ChelseaW June 27, 2011

If I were rating on taste alone, i'd give it 5 stars, but we had such problems cooking it that I just don't know if I'd go through the hassel of making it again. Let me start off with taste. I love the combination of the cream of chicken soup, stuffing, and chicken. My mom makes a chicken casserole that is almost identical, but the addition of cheese in the recipe made it even yummier! Definitely worth the calories!
Now..onto the actual cooking of the recipe. I followed the recipe to a t and was excited at the end of the 30 mins cooking time to eat this yummy dinner. I pulled the dish out of the oven to check the chicken, and found that the chicken was still completely raw almost the whole way through. The problem was, the stuffing was starting to get brown so cooking it for too long would result in burnt stuffing. So i ended up having to pull the chicken out of the dish, scraping off as much cheese and soup as i could, and then baking the chicken for 20 minutes by itself until it was cooked. Then I threw it all back in the dish and baked it another 10 minutes to ensure there wasnt any raw chicken juice left in the pan anywhere. If i had left the topping on, it would have taken alot longer to cook the chicken. I think if I make this again, i will cook the chicken ahead of time because this recipe just didn't work right for us. I dont know what the problem was, but it wasn't my oven b/c it's brand new and we've never had a problem with it before.

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Kerry G August 26, 2010

Wow- how can something so easy be so tasty? I admit, I did use more Swiss, but we are cheese lovers! I usually have these ingredients on hand, so I'll be making this often. Thanks, Nif!

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Kizzikate July 07, 2010

Delicious! Very easy and quick, but the result is really great. We loved it. I followed the recipe exactly, except for the stuffing mix, all I could find was turkey, which I figured was close enough. Other than that, I did what the recipe called for. Thanks for a great recipe, Nif. Kayne

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Kayne April 26, 2009
Baked Swiss Chicken and Stuffing