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To be perfectly honest, I know "nada" about Swiss chard except that it is VERY healthy and want to know more. It is beautiful! I think this recipe needs something more like maybe balsamic or lemon juice incorporated in the layering?? Unsure. I think this could be spectacular with the correct expertise. I did add black pepper to both layers and more Parmesan. I bought one bunch at farmers market and used half for this-- that half turned out to be 2 cups of stems and 4 cups of leaves. I used your suggestion for simmering ahead and would do again. I cut stems into 1/2 inch pieces and leaves into slivers. Did not have mister so rubbed dish with oil and drizzled oil onto each layer which am sure was a heavy handed because I did not have right tool. Measured the oil i used and was 1 1/4 teaspoon. Mine is not brown enough after 20 minutes but was in a trap with the rest of my meal- pasta and fresh corn. Should have been in longer. Baked at 400. Oops, I realize now that forgot the salt and wonder when it should be added?Thank you for posting.

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WiGal August 17, 2013
Baked Swiss Chard With Olive Oil and Parmesan