Baked Sweet Potatoes from a Crock Pot

Total Time
6hrs 2mins
Prep 2 mins
Cook 6 hrs

I have two Rival Slow Cookers and use them frequently. I like the idea of having my potatoes ready at the same time I have the meat ready in my slow cooker.


  1. Wash potatoes but don't dry off.
  2. Place potatoes in crock pot and cook on low for 4 to 6 hours.
  3. The cook time depends on how thick and large your potatoes are.
Most Helpful

These are terrific! The only thing I did differently was to wrap each in foil to avoid a mess. I cooked 2 large sweet potatoes and 2 large white potatoes this way and it took 4 hours on low for them to be perfectly "baked". Thanks!!!

SmoochTheCook March 11, 2009

I love making sweet potatoes this way. Like the other reviewer, I wrap them in foil. Two big potatoes cook in about 4 hours on high.

Vinca July 22, 2012

I'm not going to rate this with stars because I think I messed up. I only cooked 2 sweet potatoes but I had trouble getting them done. I guess they were bigger than I realized so I had to finish them in the oven. I'll definitely make this again and rate it with stars because I love the no mess cooking for sweet potatoes. 6-2-11: I made these again and cooked them longer and of course, this is a 5 star!! Loved the easy clean up and not turning the oven on. The ONLY way I'll make baked sweet potatoes from now on. Thanks!!

nemokitty June 20, 2011