Baked Stuffed Orange French Toast

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Total Time
1hr 5mins
10 mins
55 mins

This is one of our favorites... it's great for Christmas morning! It's got all the Christmasy flavors, and it's assembled the night before. You can use any kind of marmalade/jam for the filling. I have used regular and sugar free jams. You can also use light cream cheese, 2% milk in place of the cream, egg beaters in place of the eggs... to lighten it up a bit. Hope it becomes one of your family traditions!

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  1. Butter a 9x13 baking dish.
  2. Whisk together eggs, half and half, maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla in a medium bowl. Set aside.
  3. Beat the cream cheese and marmalade until smooth.
  4. Spread the cream cheese mixture on one slice of bread, and cover with another slice, making sandwiches. Place in baking dish, and continue to assemble sandwiches until the dish is full. (I usually do 1/2 sandwiches as well as whole to fill up the dish).
  5. Pour egg mixture over the bread slowly, making sure each piece gets some mixture.
  6. Refrigerate overnight.
  7. Bake covered @ 350 for 40 minutes. Uncover and bake another 15 minutes, or until browned.
  8. Enjoy!