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I prepepard this recipe in my oven which is made for cooking at low temperatures as well. I used the program for low temperature and I cooked it at about 95°C (200°F) as suggested. I bought this oven especially for this kind of programs and I'm glad I found out that I can prepare such a nice dessert in this way. I'm really surprised. The apples were much better than convential cooked apples in sirup!<br/>Thanks a lot for your teaching and the great recipe which we enjoyed with Zurie's Zabaglione Sauce. A perfect combination!

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awalde January 19, 2014

I used brown sugar and sultanas but otherwise made as per recipe making it for 3 apples but I forgot to slit them around the centre of the ppale so they spli, but where still very much enjoyed andserved with fat free French vanilla yoghurt. Thank you weekend cooker, made for Please REview My Recipe.

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I'mPat October 04, 2012
Baked Stuffed Apples With Cinnamon Allspice and Cloves