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Very easy to put together though getting to know my slow cooker better (and here I give a lot of thanks to weekend cooker for some great recipes that have helped me sort out the timing that are best for it) I cooked 3 apples for 2 hours on low at which point they were cooked but just on the firm side and turned to keep warm and an hour later they were perfect though the skin had begun to split just a little (forgot the old trick of scoring round the circumference of the apple to stop this happening) and served with a dollop of cream for a delicious dessert. I did use sultanas instead of raisins and next time would consider brown sugar to give a slight caramel taste to the recipe, thank you weekend cook, made for Everyday A Holiday tag game. Ooops forgot to mention don't get apple pie spice here so used all spice and worked great.

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I'mPat December 09, 2013

So tasty and easy to make...thanks for posting! I forgot to get ice cream, but they were great along or with a dollop of vanilla yogurt.

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CaliforniaJan November 06, 2012

Wonderful! My family all enjoyed these apples, especially my husband. I love baked apples and have never cooked them in the slow cooker before. These were such an easy dessert to prepare and the slow cooker did all the work. Great mix of flavours and as the apples cooked down they created a delicious sauce as well. Served with a scoop of ice-cream for an awesome dessert. A great recipe that is gluten-free as written. Fitted 7 medium sized Granny Smith apples into my slow cooker. I only wish I could give more than 5 stars. Photo also to be posted.

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**Jubes** October 27, 2012
Baked Stuffed Apples With Apple Pie Spice