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If you like the Southwestern Egg Rolls at Chili's then add sone shredded chicken to this recipe.

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Heather H. July 27, 2015

This sauce is great! I don't think it tastes like ranch at all, more like creamy avocado deliciousness. I found myself wanting to just eat it with a spoon! The egg rolls were easy to make and I had everything I needed already in the pantry. I added some jalapenos to spice it up a bit, and enjoyed having an appetizer dinner. Plan on making this sauce for other things! Made for Best of 2012 tag game!

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breezermom February 21, 2013

YUM! I haven't had SW egg rolls in a very long time, so I was eager to try this healthy, vegetarian version... These did not disappoint at all. I was really frustrated rolling the egg rolls at first and simply could not pull them off right, but after a while I just reached some sort of zen mode and quickly ended up with two dozen perfect-looking egg rolls. Don't know how I did it :P I doubled the amount of cumin and added two chopped serranos to the filling, and I skipped the avocado ranch entirely and served these with homemade pico de gallo instead. I did not miss the ranch at all, and thought the pico was the perfect accompaniment. Thanks for sharing this recipe! [Reviewed for BEST OF 2012]

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rpgaymer February 12, 2013

Delicious vegetarian treats! These could be good for an appetizer, breakfast, lunch or dinner! I didn't quite get 24 eggrolls and it seemed like the right amount of filling. Also the avocado sauce is so delicious (also used it for a fish taco sauce) but tastes like avocado not ranch. I think if you wanted it to be more "ranchy" you could add a ranch salad dressing seasoning packet or some herbs and spices.

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FLKeysJen February 09, 2013

Loved these SW eggrolls! I love to order these delicious appetizers at the Mexican restaurant, but their version is fried. Now I can have them baked - Yea! I really liked the dipping sauce as well. Can't believe how easy these eggrolls are to make -- once you get used to rolling them, it goes really fast. I'm making these at 9AM, but who cares -- they would make a great brunch or appetizer dish. Made for ZWT-8-Mexico/US SW.

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Nancy's Pantry August 11, 2012

Deliciously different! I used a 20 ct pkg of egg roll skins & was rewarded with plump, tasty treats. I elected to serve with salsa so didn't make the dip. With salsa there was some tiny additional seasoning needed, but I think the dip would finish these perfectly. The insides of bean, corn, & spinach were slightly cheesy and made a terrific vegetarian option. Thank you for sharing the recipe! I'll make these again!

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Susie D August 08, 2012

This is a winner! We loved the filling and the sauce. Unfortunately, I didn't have wonton rolls, so I used rice papper -- normally used for spring rolls -- and it's really not the right stuff for a back egg roll. But c'est la vie. The flavors were fantastic! I veganized it using Daiya cheese and vegan substitutes for the mayo and sour cream. I thought the sauce was the right consistency, so I didn't add the buttermilk. We're going to make this again, and we're going to find other uses for this recipe too. Perhaps regular burritos, or maybe a hot pocket, or even served over lettuce as a big mexican salad. So many options!

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Wish I Could Cook June 14, 2012
Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls With Avocado Ranch