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I made this twice. The first time I followed the recipe exactly. It was highly wonderful. The taste and texture were perfect. The lemon and garlic were in perfect balance, neither overpowering. The olive oil did not make it oily in the least. OK I did add a tad more fresh parsley than called for because I like it, and I get it free from my garden. I didn't bother with aluminum foil, just baked it in the same pyrex glass dish in which I marinaded it, tossing a sheet of foil over the top while it baked. A friend who shared it with me said it was the most flavorful salmon ever. I agree. I'm not an intuitive cook. In fact I'm a terrible cook. I can wreck delivered pizza. On the rare occasion I make something edible, good even, it has to be an easy recipe, and a good recipe. This recipe was not only easy, it was REAL easy. And it was not only good, it was REAL good. The second time I made it I was overconfident and careless. I accidentally poured in too much olive oil, guessed at the measurements of other ingredients instead of measuring, used dried parsley in probably the wrong amount (it was raining. I didn't want to go outside to get fresh parsley), forgot the garlic until I was almost ready to cook it. My worst misake probably was marinading it too long - almost 4 hours. Even with these mistakes it wasn't too bad, kind of oily from too much olive oill, and kind of soft from the long marinade. So learn from my mistakes and do it right. It's worth it. Good cooks suggest ways to improve a recipe. I suggested ways to make it worse. Measure once, cut twice. Wait... This is my first review. I'll get the hang of it.

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Ann Marie F October 01, 2002

This is great for when it's too cold outside to fire up the grill. I make this a bunch and it's evolved slightly. The first time I made it, the only thing I changed was to marinate the salmon in the foil packets to begin with, they came out wonderful and very flavorful. Now, I marinate in the foil, don't use any oil at all except to spritz the foil with to make it non-stick, and use slices of lemon instead of juice set on top. I put the packets together in the morning, let them sit all day and then bake and they taste WONDERFUL. I usually serve with asparagus, yellow squash, and salad for a great and relatively healthy meal! Thanks!

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stacylu March 12, 2004

this was a very easy recipe to prepare, as all of the ingredients were on hand. i made a single serving and it was moist and very flavorful.

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c in ont August 15, 2002

I didn't read the reviews so maybe someone pointed this out already, but 35-45 minutes at 375 is way too long to cook salmon (or probably any fish, unless it is a very thick steak). I ignored my instincts and cooked for 30 minutes (wrapped in foil and then placed in a glass dish) and it was overcooked by a long shot. Salmon should still be pink when cooked, and it should just barely start to pull apart (I wouldn't describe it as flaking in the sense that most white fish flakes). On another site I found that even a 2 inch middle filet (the thickest filet cut on a fish), you can cook it at 400 for 18-20 minutes or, sealed tightly in foil, at a lower temp (350) for about 25-30 minutes. As a rule of thumb, I've seen 10 minutes for each 1 inch of thickness and never bake at 350-375 unless it is wrapped in foil or you'll dry it out (even with some olive oil on it).

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Boatbuilder February 13, 2013

This dish was easy to make and enjoyed by the entire family. We are trying to add more fish to our diet and this recipe is one I definately make again. The salmon was moist and flavorful. Clean up was a breeze!

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Lori Shaw September 04, 2002

My kids actually LOVE this. They are picky eaters, and to get them to enjoy such a healthy food makes my heart smile. I did not make thee in foil packets, rather just baked them covered in foil in the same glass casserole dish I marinated them in. It is so easy, and delicious!

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Jen Reynolds September 23, 2012

Coming from Seattle Salmon is on the menu at least once a week if not more. This is one of the best Salmon recipes I have every made. I highly recomend this recipe to anyone looking for a wonderful way to cook salmon.

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Tazha August 03, 2003

Absolutely Divine!! However, next time we will use only half the quantity of oil as I found it a bit rich and oily. The taste is beautiful and I think cutting back on the oil will probably enhance that. This will be our dinner party specialty!

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amberinhongkong January 26, 2003

this salmon is so good i have made it more times than i can count! the only changes i make is to add a bit more garlic and i actually cut the oil in half and replace the other half with water for a healthier just as tasty option....everytime i make it i get complements and have given out this recipe numerous times!!!this fish is simple and tasty and impossible to mess up!!!!thank you so much for this recipe!

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Elana in New York May 27, 2011

This was good! As suggested by the other members, I did scale down the oil to 3 Tbsp. I also added no salt or pepper; instead I did have some Tastefully Simple Garlic Pepper seasoning and also their Garlic Dill Seasoning and added that instead but still adding the crushed garlic as the recipe called for as well as everything else. I added a few pats of margarine to the top of the fish in the last 5 minutes of baking (baked for 45 minutes). Next time, I will marinate it for longer than 1 hour, personal preference. I made this with a 1 lb skinless fillet, with a side of Basmati rice and green beans...great dinner that both my 10 y/o son and I enjoyed!

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TheDancingCook August 12, 2010
Baked Salmon