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I served this without the yogurt, but that would be good too. My first experience with quinces. They are very hard to cut in half and even harder to core. I found that I thought I had cored them but hadn't and wound up cutting them off the remaining hard core after they were cooked. This was fine, and gave me pretty small pieces of quince rather than whole halves, but I cooked them as halves. I also had to cook them much longer than specified, about an hour, until they were done through. Next time I won't put so much water in the bottom of the pan, I reduced the honey-water mixture in a pot after cooking to get it back to the consistency I wanted. These would be great served with any kind of roast bird or wild boar, if you don't use the yogurt.

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Kasha November 02, 2009

I had to sub a pear for the quince and used drained non-fat yogurt--even so--delicious. I can't wait till quince are available. Thanks, Ev!

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Chef Kate December 02, 2005
Baked Quince With Yoghurt