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I realize that anything less than a five-star review for such an obviously adored recipe won't win me any fans, but I do have a few comments about this soup recipe. First off, how could anyone make this in a medium saucepan? Eight cups of milk, a stick of butter, a cup of sour cream, four large potatoes, fourteen strips of bacon? What's the definition of "medium" here? I used my biggest pan of all, the dutch oven, and it still threatened to slosh over the top with all that whisking. Then, the issue of seasoning... this soup needs a TON of salt, in my book. I added regular, garlic, onion, and seasoned salt -- without it, it tasted a bit like wallpaper paste, even with all that bacon, onion and cheese... kind of peculiar. Since it requires so much seasoning (salt, mainly), the seasonings should really be listed in the ingredients and directions, in my opinion. With no direction given, I went ahead and roughly chopped my baked potatoes before adding to the milk mixture, but the soup was then hugely lumpy. I used a potato masher to squash it down, which allowed for a much better consistency and texture. I also wonder about those potato peels... wish I had chopped mine up a lot smaller, as I'm making the soup for some neighbors with little kids, and I wonder if the kids will be grossed out by the big pieces of potato peel. All in all, I think this recipe is kind of heavy on the work, light on the finished product, but I realize I'm in a definite minority here -- sorry, just have to be honest! P.S. Since posting this review, I feel I must add that the flavor of this soup was outstanding, especially the next day. With adjustments for pan size and seasonings, I can see how it earned all those five-star reviews. Thanks!

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Cakebaker21 March 08, 2010

Let me start out by saying, I used this recipe as my starting point and worked from there. The recipe is good, but I used my ideas to sort of cut the fat, and I didn't really like the idea of the peels being just stirred in. Anyway, I started out by sauteing the green onions with some celery (my g-ma always added celery to hers) and then made the rue (sp?). I then added 1 reg sized chicken broth, and then used FF half and half/ 1% milk to make the consistency that I wanted. I also used baby red's (peel and all), cut them into the pieces and just cooked them in the soup. It is really a challenge to get seasonings right (IMHO), so for this I used cayenne, s/p, and some all purpose seasoning. Off the heat, I added the cheese and some RF sour cream and used RF bacon bits in the end. It really was a nice, quick flavorful soup. I thought that this recipe was a great place to start!

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peteypie00 September 01, 2010

This soup is wonderful, Evelyn. We had it for supper the other night and my whole family gave it 5 enthusiastic stars*****. I thought adding the chopped potato peels was a great idea and something I haven't tried before. The bacon and cheese add just the right yummm factor. My husband and I took the left-overs to work for lunch. Thanks for a lovely recipe.

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ratherbeswimmin' December 10, 2003

Recipe as written was ok, not one that I would make again. However, it was a fantastic base. I cooked celery and chopped onion in the butter then added the flour to make the roux. I used a mixture of half milk and half 1/2 & 1/2, added seasoning salt, sea salt and pepper. I also omitted the skins just personal preference. We will continue to play until I get it perfect, but its getting closer. thanks for getting me started

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PrincessPage March 02, 2011

Your recipe is totally going to replace my old recipe from now on! I'll confess that I wrote down the recipe wrong and so only used 6 cups milk and a little less than 1 c cheese, but it was delicious nonetheless! Thanks for posting.

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MrsKnox2016 March 05, 2011

We love this soup! (It is just like another recipe that I have but couldn't find in my pile of moving boxes.) I usually just chop up the potatoes with the skin on and put them in rather than scooping out the pulp and chopping half the skin. Makes it very easy and the skins are not a problem at all!

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MtMaedel January 15, 2011

This was excellent..I made it in the crockpot,I diced potatoes and put them in the crockpot first and then melted the butter over the stove and added the flour.I added the milk and minced garlic and brought it to a boil and continued to stir.Once the milk was hot,i added the sour cream and put the mixture over the potatoes in the crockpot and added the rest of the ingredients...wow this was wonderful.It took a long time for the potatoes to cook but it was really really good,i plan on making this again really soon.Thanks for sharing!

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smilie247 July 08, 2010

This was yummy, perfect for tonight's snowy weather. My son, ever the enthusiast, proclaimed, "This is the best soup I have ever eaten!" So even though you seem to have plenty of reviews, I just had to add my compliments. I would agree with another reviewer that this makes more than what a medium pot would hold, especially because the whisking can get really shloppy. I thought my medium-large stockpot would be too big when I first added the milk, but the whisking does get crazy. I also added about 1/2 t each of seasoning salt and celery salt, about 1t of salt and 1/8 t pepper. Very good, filling soup.

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annlouise April 12, 2010

This has now become a staple recipe in our home! It reheats REALLY well in a crock pot! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

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Razor Sharp Redhead November 26, 2008

This is a great and delicious soup.Thick and hearty, I served it with sour dough crusty bread and a complete meal was served. Thanks!!!!!!!1

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Annette1 January 19, 2004
Baked Potato Soup