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yooper, this may very well be the best potato salad I've EVER tasted! The potatoes smelled so good while roasting in the oven I wasn't sure they would make it all the way into a salad, but I sure am glad they did! I left the tomatoes out because I was also serving your Baked Cherry Tomatoes with Parmesan Cheese Topping Baked Cherry Tomatoes with Parmesan Topping. Otherwise I prepared the recipe exactly as directed for one fantastic dish! Thank you so very much! We really enjoyed our meal tonight thanks to you! Next time we have company, this one is coming to the table and I don't care what else is being served! :)

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Bev July 07, 2002

REALLY liked this one, yooper! Great idea to season and then bake the potatoes! As you did, we left out the tomatoes (they tend to make salads too runny anyway). Also, instead of the oil, we used zesty italian dressing to coat the spuds then sprinkled the dry mix over them. Next time we'll add a couple more eggs...just a personal preference. Thanks for a keeper recipe, yooper! M&Mers

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M&Mers July 18, 2002

This was AWESOME potato salad! I don't think I will ever make normal potato salad again! I left the tomatoes out of the recipe, because of your comment, but I didn't miss them.... the potato salad had a wonderful flavor! This is definitely a KEEPER!

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Kim D. July 05, 2002

Thank you Mark! This was delicious and we will be making this again. I did do my usual and add some mustard because we like mustard.......... It would have been just as good without it as though. I really liked how the potatoes were baked and the taste of the italian dressing in this was so good. This one is definitly a keeper. Thank you again for posting it!

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Gingerbear April 01, 2002

This was great!! I really had a taste for potato salad and this one hit the spot. I like the taste of the potatoes being baked. I also left the tomatoes out. I will be making this one again. Thanks Yooper!!

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Shari2 July 23, 2002

I made this for my husband to take to a get-together at work - they LOVED it! I omitted the small chopped onion, as the green onions seemed like enough to me, and I quartered grape tomatoes - they held up great! I used Miracle Whip instead of plain mayonnaise, and added the vinegar and lemon juice to that - nice and tangy! I only used 1/2t. dried basil - personal preference, and omitted the garlic powder. I'll be making this again and again - it's a nice change to the classic potato salad I've always made. Thanks for posting!

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Joy1996 May 07, 2003

Excellent salad. I made this for a pot luck at work and enjoyed many compliments. The seasonings worked well. I too left out the tomato and added one more hard boiled egg. If you are rushed for time, I have a somewhat similar Italian Potato Salad Italian Potato Salad that is quicker. This makes one outstanding salad Mark and I will be making it many more times. Thanks for sharing, Kate.

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Kate in Ontario January 31, 2003

Very, very good and different potato salad, which my company and husband enjoyed. Great combination of flavors, textures, and colors. It made a great accompaniment to "Should Be Illegal Oven BBQ Ribs" by Beverly Carson (Should Be Illegal Oven BBQ Ribs). I loved the idea of baking the potatoes with the italian dressing mix (will use that part for a potato side dish, I think, too!); I added some extra herbs and 1 head roasted garlic before baking them. I omitted the green onions (personal preference) and used sweet onion and turkey bacon (for a guest who SAID she didn't eat pork until the ribs appeared :)). I halved grape tomatoes and they didn't get mushy, but were the last thing left in the bowl -- I'll probably cut them next time as you suggested. I plan to try this again with real bacon (maybe a little more of it :)) which might just make this six stars for my tastes! Thanks for a great recipe, yooper! best, quantumgirl

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quantumgirl May 30, 2003

This was WONDERFUL! I first made it for my neighborhood get together night. Everyone loved it and was asking for the recipe. This weekend I made it for a family picnic and everyone RAVED about it. My mother (the best cook in the world in my opinion) said it was the best she had ever tasted and asked me to print the recipe out for her. This is definitely a keeper!!! Thank you so much for posting it!

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Shawnag1976 April 21, 2003

i did not enjoy this recipe. Something was off about it. Won't be making this again.

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baklava glue June 10, 2010
Baked Potato Salad