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This recipe is not only fun to make, but comes out absolutely delicious! Made it just as instructed, and now I have to fix it every week for my boyfriend...yummy! Firealarmqueen, what a absolutely ridiculous way to rate a recipe, take a star away because of it's "un-healthiness"...ugh...if you don't like calories/fat, why make this in the first place and rate it badly?

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Unknown Chef6 September 11, 2010

This is a wonderful way to bake pork. The breading with the Parmesean was very good. I did use pork chops that were about 3/4 in. thick, and I baked them at 400ºF about 15 minutes per side, as I wanted them to be done but still a little pink inside. They came out just crispy with the breading intact. We thoroughly enjoyed this dish. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Miss Annie January 24, 2004

These turned out very crispy which is how I like pork chops. Very easy to make. Will keep this one. Thanks.

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Rosemary Chapman December 06, 2003

For those who were losing their breading, put a small amount of flour in a storage bag. Add each chop and toss in flour, shaking off excess. Then proceed with coating as directed. When turning chops, use tongs on the sides. Voila, breading stays intact! Really good recipe. My picky 7 year old devoured it! Thanks for sharing!

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HungryPeeps April 02, 2014

This is really good! The Parmesan/craker coating mixture didn't stay on very well for me though. It still had enough to add to the flavor and I just spooned some out of the dish and spread it on my chops. I will be making these again, but next time, I'll add less melted butter to the baking dish. I think that is what caused the coating to come off. Thanks for sharing this tasty, tender pork chop recipe!

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keen5 November 04, 2003

Made these tonight. I had 7 bone in pork chops-1st-had to double the breading recipe as you bread them twice. Also had to make a double egg dip recipe! Wasn't sure of how much melted butter to add so I only did 3 TBS-I made my crumb mixture with part Panko and part Ritz crackers. Nice crunch. I also only had shredded Parm. cheese so I added it and the seasonings to my food processor as I crumbled the crackers. Chops were good but lost alot of breading when turning them-but I just spread it back on. My family really liked them!! And they weren't to dry!!!

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Sydney M. January 09, 2014

Quite tasty. Just took one star off because the recipe doesn't specify how much melted butter to use so I think I used too much, causing my breading to be a little soggy and not crisp. But it still tasted good! I also used a meat thermometer to get them done without getting tough.

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Diana J. January 14, 2016

Best pork chops I've ever made, hands down. Husband loved these chops! I made exactly as directed (using whole wheat Ritz crackers 'cause they're what I had on hand) and they came out just about perfect... the coating/breading came off a bit on a couple of the chops, but I think I may have added a touch too much butter to the baking dish. Next time I'll just brush with melted butter. I think that'll do the trick.

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NELady November 02, 2013

This was great! I halved the dry ingredients since I only had two pork chops. Did not use salt, sub'd a salt-free seasoning. I set the temp at 375, and baked them for 25 minutes before turning. Let them bake for another 10-15 minutes before pulling them out of the oven. Served with a salad and rice pilaf. Wonderful recipe!

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KC's Mom December 10, 2009

This was really good! The only reason I give it 4 (instead of 5) stars is it is very *bad* for you (butter! Ritz!) But it is quite yummy. Some of the breading came off when I flipped the chops, but I just picked it all out of the melted butter at the end and ate it straight (the breading was just that good!) I'll definitely do this one again!

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firealarmqueen October 12, 2009
Baked Pork Chops