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These are awesome! I was really surprised how much I enjoyed these in comparison to potato fries. I halved the recipe and definitely did use the cayenne. Baked on parchment for ease of turning and clean up. Wasn't sure what to serve with but turned out plain old ketchup was pretty yummy to dip them in! Thanks for sharing! [Made for Spring 2013 Pick A Chef]

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flower7 April 27, 2013

Juicy, scrumptious and healthy! wow! im still baffeled by the fact that I haven't tried plantain like this, an alternative to frying and an ultimate alternative to French fries. With a combination of sweet potato fries, this was just heavenly. Tip- When you have very ripe plaintain, it won't require much seasoning, just a bit of salt would do.

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Temi A. April 06, 2015

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe KUW. I have made them twice already. I love plantains and this is a wonderful way to showcase them. They were wonderful. Tasted just like french fries, but you could definitely taste the plantain. They were so easy to make. I did prefer the ones that I cut thicker into wedges, rather than the shoestring size, they were crispy yet tender. Such a lovely spicy flavor, I did use the optional cayenne pepper and then garnished with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and ketchup. Made for Best of 2013.

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Baby Kato March 12, 2014
Baked Plantain Fries