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I cut it down to serve 2 and baked it in ramekin dishes. I used a little less milk than called for since we like more firm oatmeal. I skipped on the almonds but added the cinnamon. Much loved all around!

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Sam #3 November 27, 2009

Loved it! Made it just as written. The milk makes it so creamy and rich and the maple syrup is just the right amount (not too strong). The almonds were delicious in it. I really enjoyed the dusting of cinnamon on top that you suggested . My husband raved about it. So easy too. Thanks.

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Maven in the Making February 27, 2013

I didn't use the almonds as I didn't have any and I used Splenda brown sugar blend so only used a tablespoon. I didn't add any salt. I loved it hot out the oven. I ate it cold in the morning the next day and liked it like that too. I did heat it in the microwave in the morning for my son and it dried out a bit but we just added a touch of milk and we were good to go. I really enjoyed the taste of this as it wasn't too sweet. I was worried about the amount a milk and probably would cut it back just a bit next time. I cooked mine for 40 minutes and I agree with the other reviewer that the milk that skimmed on the sides didn't look too appetizing. I just took a knife and mixed it up a bit before anyone else noticed.

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bmcnichol February 29, 2012

Five stars for ease of preparation and deliciousness. I didn't have nuts but did have an apple so I grated that and squeezed out as much moisture as I could. We both loved it.

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surus November 14, 2015

It gets so crazy during the holidays that we often don't eat the way we should. This was a wonderful warm breakfast for us and I love having the left overs to heat up when we are in a hurry. I made this exactly as directed and wouldn't change a thing. Just sweet enough and went together so easy. The baking time gave me those extra few minutes in the morning to get organized and was then ready to pull out of the oven just in time for breakfast with hot coffee. DH added a splash of milk to his, but not me - I loved it just as made hot from the oven. Now I've got enough left over for 2 more meals with no more prep than popping in the microwave. What a great idea and no wonder you've had all these great reviews. I think next time I'll try it with steel oats for that chewy factor.<br/><br/>Update 10-16-2011 I've made this many times now and enjoy it each and every one - but I'm now using steel oats and find that I really enjoy the difference it makes. One of my favorite cool weather breakfasts. Continue to use this at this time of year, so good

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Bonnie G #2 September 30, 2014

Very tasty and creamy, exactly what I wanted! The almonds add a bit of crunch and I will probably add some fruit to it as some suggested in the comments. I am sure it would still be divine! I didn't get any ugly burnt milk on the sides of the casserole after the 40 min in 350F, so it was good. The only thing is that I found the leftover I had for breakfast this morning was some dry after heating up in the microwave, even after adding a bit of milk, so next time I'll probably make 1/2 the recipe as I am the only one eating oatmeal here. Thanks for posting!

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Caissinha August 26, 2014

Wonderful oatmeal. Different than the typical baked oatmeal as it doesnt have any eggs or leavening agent. It was slightly slicky and just sweet enough. Way easy to make. Will definitely keep this recipe around for a nice change of pace from the usual baked oatmeal. Thank you so much for posting.

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Munchkin Mama January 04, 2011

Wonderful result for me here ! Really it makes several breakfasts in one hit so very convenient. I mixed diced cooked pear through it and it all baked up well together.So now for brekky I take my serve , heat in the m/wave and add yoghurt and breakfast is done - just perfect !

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katew August 23, 2010

Didn't quite do it for me for the 40 minutes or so it took. I normally make oatmeal with butter and brown sugar - 5 minutes. Sorry

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Nyx May 08, 2010
Baked Maple Oatmeal