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This is totally awesome!!! I could not get manicotti anywhere so I bought fresh cannelloni sheets instead, I know there is a difference with manicotti, but they are very close so I hope you don't mind. I also could not get Italian sausage unless I bought it already made up as sausages and squeezed out the meat which would have been terribly expensive, so I took the liberty of buying a pork, veal mince and adding Italian herbs and extra spices to create something similar. I did follow everything else the same and I am sure it did not change your excellent recipe too much. I too like other reviewers used my own homemade tomato sauce. I made a little extra instead of 16 manicotti shells I made 24 cannelloni shells I upped the ingredients accordingly. I still made up the extra shells and cooked the extra meat and then froze that half of the mix to make it a very quick assembly meal for our next time. My family was very glad when I told them I would be making this again in the next couple of weeks. This truly is a wonderful recipe NurseJaney, a definite keeper for us. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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The Flying Chef December 11, 2010

These turned out wonderful. I cut the recipe in half and did everything the same. But I did use my own homemade tomato sauce. The mixture of the cheeses was delicious and the sausauges made a nice change. I prepared everything the night before to have ready to pop in the oven for lunch the next day. Turned out great. Thanks for sharing your recipe, it is a keeper.

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FrenchBunny February 21, 2010

I made this for the June 09 Aussie/Kiwi Swap. The texture of the cheese filling was creamy and smooth. I've never put nutmeg or almonds in my Manicotti before - great addition! They didn't take long to make and I will definitely make these again! My DD even took some home to her boyfriend.

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Chef TraceyMae June 03, 2009

Aussie Swap #63: AMAZING Recipe!! I love pasta - especially cheese-filled ones!! This recipe did not disappoint! I made sure to double it and froze a batch for later!

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Mom2Rose April 29, 2012

I made this at my in-laws house and everyone said it was a definite 5 stars. I did make a couple changes though. I used 1 pound ricotta cheese and 1 pound cottage cheese for a creamier filling. I also left out the slivered almonds because my FIL doesn't like them. I served the manicotti with a simple side salad and some garlic bread. Yummy! Will being making this again and again. Made for January 2012 Aus/NZ Swap.

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Crafty Lady 13 January 14, 2012

Another great recipe from NurseJaney. So delicious, quick and very easy to make. Loved the flavor, great sauce, (used homemade basil marnara sauce) excellent tender noodles filled with delicious cheese mixture, simply awesome. We really enjoyed the use of the sausage meat in this dish, really outstanding. We inhaled this delicious dish in record time. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Baby Kato August 01, 2011

this was a drama to make! NO manacotti shells anywhere, I used cannaloni thingies, as another reviewer suggested. mixed everything up, and ended up filling 36 of them! Thank goodness they tasted like heaven!!!, or else we would be eating them into next month!!!!
Aussie hints. (because we dont usually do this stuff)
do the mix in the old sunbeam mixer, and then leave it til its "pipe-able" much easier when its warmer!
buy italian sausage in the Woolworths deli, and cook with the onion, then slice finely.
I used instant canaloni, but I have heard that crepes make a good alternative.
use a good piping bag, and fill the tubes well!!!, otherwise they collapse, and you end up with too much pasta!!!

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mummamills February 09, 2011

Made this via request from my boyfriend for his birthday. I didn't have the almonds, so I left them out. Otherwise I made it according to the recipe. This was very very good. Will be doing it again. I really don't like using manicotti shells, so next time I will use the small lasagna shells and roll them up. Thanks for posting.

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CabinKat December 18, 2012
Baked Manicotti With Meat Sauce