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This was really great. It was a nice and quick way to serve hot eggs to a large group for brunch. I used parchment paper to line the baking tray to make it easier to roll. Also, I would suggest adding milk to the flour first, and then adding the eggs to avoid lumpy flour balls in the final mixture. Thanks!

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Fofi February 23, 2011

ACK! This was SO nummy! Not to mention super easy to make. It took me about 15 minutes total, and I had a great breakfast to serve my family at the last minute. Great flavor. I do highly suggest keeping an eye on the eggs though. I set my timer for 15 minutes, and when I looked in after 14, they were already set and really puffy. Despite that, it still worked wonderfully. Thanks a mil for sharing this one. Two thumbs up!

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Denise Nachtigal December 26, 2002

Absolutely delicious! I didnt use the ham as we had Bergys Peppered Breakfast Bacon Peppered Breakfast Bacon with it instead. It was light and fluffy and easy to roll. Thanks for posting. =)

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Evie* July 14, 2002

This was as delicious and easy as the other reviewers promised. For those who'd like some guidance on amounts of the suggested add-ins, here's what I used, and it was perfect. I followed the directions for the egg mixture exactly, and they baked up in 12 minutes. I used 1 cup ham from a spiral-cut ham, chopped into small dice, 1 cup mild grated cheddar, 5 slices bacon, crisped in the microwave, then crumbled. I sauteed in a little butter: 1/2 med-large sweet onion (about 1/2 cup, chopped), 1/2 cup bell pepper, chopped (I used some red and some green). All were sprinkled on after the eggs set, in this order; sauteed onions and peppers, ham, bacon, cheese. I also, as others suggested, sprinkled more grated cheese over the finished roll, placed it back in the oven till it melted. Beautiful!

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LindaMae December 05, 2008

My husband and I really loved this! I added red pepper, onion and mushrooms and used Egg Beaters instead of regular eggs. My only problem was that they stuck to the pan a little bit (I sprayed it with Pam cooking spray first so I don't know why they stuck) so instead of rolling it, we just cut it in squares and served it that way. So much easier than standing at the stove making omelets. We'll be using your method from now on. Thanks!

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Sherri35 February 13, 2003

Very good and very easy! I substituted bacon, precooking about 8-10 slices in the microwave. I did have a bit of trouble rolling the roll but 2 spatuala's helped me along with the rolling, lol. It reheated nicely, as well. I would probably add some more cheddar next time and top the roll with more cheddar upon reheating. I made this mostly for DH who does not care for the mushroom, pepper and onion combo but next time I will add these ingredients, for myself! Great recipe!

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TheDancingCook February 05, 2003

Cooking eggs this way is a great idea and makes for a nice presentation. Eggs puffed up like a souffle which surprised me a bit, but it's not a problem to roll it up. Next time I'll try adding sauteed bell pepper & onion and cover with salsa.

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HMS October 19, 2002

This is incredibly easy and has a wonderful flavor and presentation. Tonight, I was looking for a simple meal after a long day. This was perfect. I added crumbled bacon between the ham and cheese layers. It provided great flavor. Hubby wants me to add sauteed onions and peppers next time. I served this with toasted English muffins and a simple fruit salad...breakfast for dinner...what could be easier. LOL I can't wait to serve this when I have overnight guests.

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Ms B. November 01, 2004

This is one of those Slap The Forehead dishes and you wonder why you never thought of doing this before! I had some trouble with the flour leaving little globules in the egg mixture so I just strained it through a fine sieve. I topped mine with pre-cooked ground sausage, red peppers and grated cheese. The leftovers were sliced and put in baggies and eaten through the week. This one is definitely going in the "Keeper" file! Thanks for an awesome recipe!

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SloppyJoe January 30, 2010

This recipe was so quick and easy, it was hard to not give it five stars. I made this so many times, but keep on forgetting to rate it. ::blush:: The texture of the omelet was great, and it tasted great. The only change i would make is decrease the salt a little bit, family complained about it being a little salty. Other than that, they loved it! A total time saver. I also baked this in a pie dish, which took about 7-10 minutes extra. The side of the omelet raised up, so it was perfect "pocket" for all the cheese and sauage that i put on top. Thank you Karen!

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Minyatur April 15, 2007
Baked Ham and Cheese Omelet Roll