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This got rave reviews at a large tapas party I attended, and the large platter of these vanished quickly! I did add more shiitakes. The recipe looks long and complicated but it's not too bad if you make the filling in advance. Then all you have to do is wrap and bake! Note: these rolls are significantly better hot, straight out of the oven. They get soggy and shriveled if you try to save them. Excellent use of contest ingredients!

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FLKeysJen February 20, 2009

I used 8 inch square wrappers, and got 20 rolls from the batch, with enough filling left to make one more (but no more wrappers). I wanted to give this 5 stars, as the flavor of the filling was just outstanding! The more I thought about it, though, there are several things that I would tweek, just a little. First, I loved the flavor of the shitakes, but wished there was a little more, so I would up the quantity from 6 to 8. Second, the noodles really need to be cut into smaller pieces in order to mix the filling well. I had a few rolls that were mostly noodle, and a few that had nearly none. Cutting into smaller pieces would fix this. Third, while you mention drying the vegetable mixture before adding to the bowl, I'd do the same for the chicken and shrimp mixture. There was more liquid than I expected in the pan when these were done, and I found it when I got to filling the last of the rolls. Lastly, While I appreciate the lower fat benefit of baking these, I think the texture of the wrapper would really be better if they were deep fried. Overall, I really enjoyed the recipe, and plan to make it again. Thanks for posting!

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IngridH February 20, 2009
Baked Fish and Fowl Spring Rolls