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Still haven't made it far enough in advance to freeze it, but have had excellent results overnight. Last time for company I made one as directed and substituted sausage but left out vegetables for the other, both disappeared. I've also successfully taken the recipe by 1 and a half and put it in a bigger pan (11x14, I think). Love cooking it in glass, so easy to clean up.

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heavenslice May 21, 2009

A few weeks ago I was home with a sick child and decided to do an impromptu mini session of OAMC. However, I could only use what I already had on hand. I had some deli ham to use up and went looking for recipes that didn't call for other ingredients which I didn't have. This one uses very basic things that I already had. I used white wheat sandwhich bread and skim milk. I froze it for about three weeks. I got sick and we decided to have this for dinner but didn't have enough time to fully defrost it so I baked it for about 15 minutes longer than stated. It was probably a tad more watery than it would be if we had defrosted it completely, but it was excellent. Yummy, creamy comfort food. I'd easily make this again to keep in the freezer for a nice weekend meal or a quick comfort dinner.

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ladypit December 16, 2007
Baked Eggs OAMC