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This was a very tasty dish that took little effort and uses ingredients I always have on hand. I omitted the butter, added 1 clove of garlic and some minced onion. I must have diced my potatoes about the right size (see photo) because the cook time was accurate for me. Thanks for sharing your recipe Marie!

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Junebug June 27, 2006

Very nice. A simple and tasty side. The potatoes were rich and creamy. My only problem was that the recipe doesn't specify what size dice and I obviously cut the dice too large, in about 1/2-inch pieces, it took far longer that 20 minutes to soften up and then a good 45 minutes in the oven to finish cooking, so I suggest you cut your potatoes in smaller dice. One other change, we are garlic lovers, so I left out the grated onion (didn't want to start grating an onion only for 1 tsp) and I used one minced garlic clove instead. It was a great substitution as the finished sauce almost had a garlicky 'Alfredo' taste to it. This is a recipe that I think will lend itself very well to a lot of experimentation, and I can't wait to try it with other cheeses. I am already thinking of doing this again with creamy Gorgonzola!

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evelyn/athens October 04, 2004
Baked Creamy Potato Casserole