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Made for ZWT-8, DH & I differed on the success of your recipe. He chose the recipe & I made a half recipe for 2 of us (mostly as written). I used a generous amt of lemon pepper, added black olives at his request & scattered lemon zest over the plated fish because I like it & wanted a colour variant for the pic. I did have issues w/the recipe. I tried & soon abandoned Step 1 of the prep. Maybe I just wasn't very good at it, but trying to slice cod fillets into 1/2 in strips was destroying the lovely flesh of the fillets. If you meant 1/2 in thick fillets, then mine were good-to-go w/o slicing. I also felt the oven temp was too high. I didn't want to 2nd-guess the recipe, but more important was not to ruin the fish. I finally opted for a 30 min cook time at 375F. The fish was perfectly done & moist. I felt the tomato flavour overpowered any fish flavour, but that may well be a feature of the Spanish cuisine. DH praised the recipe w/enthusiasm, so we compromised on the rating. As I plated for the pic, I had the thought that a lightly-creamed version could be easily created by adding a bit of cream cheese to the sauce & that might also help to mellow the tomato flavour. I will likely try that next time. :-)

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twissis July 21, 2012
Baked Cod Spanish Style