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Way to sweet for me and the apples turned out mushy. Next time, I will greatly reduce the sugar and will leave the peels on and only cut them in halves or quarters.

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NewbieHeather January 17, 2012

These were so good with Vanilla ice cream! How else would you serve them?! Definitely a good idea to cut the sugar back to half!

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mommymakeit4u January 25, 2012


I read the reviews before making and made a couple changes accordingly. I used a 1/2 c sugar and 2 tbsp butter. It seemed plenty rich and sweet. I might even reduce the sugar a bit more in the future. Also I did not add raisins. My only dissapointment was that they came out very mushy and I like them to hold their shape and have a tad of bite to them. I will have to work with my crockpot a few times until I get it right I suppose (I did them in a 4 qt. pot on high for 2 hours, stiring halfway). I had to stir everything together in the biggest bowl I have before putting them into the crockpot and I still had to reduce the recipe by one apple. I need a bigger crockpot!

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mandabacca February 11, 2011

This is a keeper! We are "iced in" and going a bit stir crazy. I threw this together for a treat and is sure was! I agree that is tastes like the center of an apple pie. Less sugar if you want it as a side dish is a great tip too. This is definitely going into my crockpot recipe rotation! Thanks for posting.

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Rebecca Bowman February 02, 2011

I fixed these apples for my family today. They are simply decadent. I thought I was eating a very good apple pie without crust. My family loved them! I did use about half the sugar and they were perfect. It is almost more like a dessert than a side dish. I can see it looking wonderful during holidays, and especially in the fall. My son is quite the baked apple gourmet and he loved them!
Thanks for a crowd-pleasing recipe :)

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lavendarldy January 09, 2011

I am a busy mom with three kids.....teen to toddler. They all LOVED it. My husband is an apple pie fanatic and as am I but minus the crust. So this was a perfect dessert to try for our family. Success! Definitely will make this again.....maybe for the holidays!
*If you don't have a big sweet tooth, you could cut the sugar in half.*

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koka824 November 02, 2010

My husband and I are big dessert eaters, and we're trying to get some of the fat out of our diets without having to totally give up on our desserts. I made this recipe without the butter, and I promise you, it does NOT need it! You can make this totally fat free and it is still delicious. I did think it was a little too heavy on the cinnamon, so next time I will probably use about half of what it calls for. You could probably cut back a bit on the sugar, too, maybe even to half a cup. I will definitely make this again, thank you for sharing!

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GiddyUpGo April 29, 2010

I brought these for yesterdays July 4th party. Nothing like American apple pie (without the crust) for a July 4 party. I doubled the recipe for about 15 people and there were NO left overs. Everyone LOVED them and was the only dish that didn't have left overs. They were delicious and I am so glad I brought them. I had to add a link on my facebook page so my friends and family could have the recipe. HIGHLY recommend this recipe.

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lissaquick July 05, 2009

I really love this recipe. It tastes just like an apple pie with no crust. A set and forget dessert is always useful. I put mine on high for 1 hr 45 min and watched them carefully, because I like my apples firmer. This recipe does have way too much sugar for my taste...1/3 cup was enough for me. Take into consideration that the raisins end up plump and super sweet. I also used half the butter to keep it lighter. Thanks for a great idea.

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FrVanilla April 30, 2009

We were given a basket of Honey Crisp apples, which I wanted to use while they were fresh and crisp. I used an apple/corer/slicer which made 8 sections each for 6 apples. I left peels on, and prepared recipe as directed, except I cut the sugar back to about 1/3 cup. I used the crockpot on high for 2 1/2 hours, leaving the slices firm but not mushy. We ate some, with ice cream on top. I thought the mixture was a tad dry, and next time will add some dark rum or apple cider. The next day DH made a struedel with 1 sheet of puff pastry folded in half over the apples, brushed the top with melted butter, and sprinkled with coarse bakery sugar. He then baked it at 375 for 40 minutes. It was DELISH !! We polished it off for breakfast. Thanks for a Keeper, Bake-a-holic.

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NurseJaney November 14, 2007
Baked Cinnamon Apples (Crock Pot)