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This is a dinner-worthy recipe. I used 2 chicken breasts, 4 oz. of canned mushrooms, no lime zest or capers, bottled lime juice and all the remaining ingredients. I would NOT recommend doing that again, b/c the dish came out too buttery. Next time, if I use half the chicken, I will use half the butter and mushrooms, and leave everything else as is, although I'd also leave out the breadcrumbs, as I think it made a mushy paste considering the sauce. Also, I covered the scallions, mushrooms and garlic while sauteeing, so it came out very tender. I baked the dish for 20 minutes instead of 15, and then I let sit in the warm oven (oven off) for 10 more minutes so the chicken could sit in the sauce. I served with mashed potatoes and boiled carrot slices. My husband loved it. Thank you posting.

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Scribbler515 December 11, 2007

This went over very well and was really not all that time consuming. I put it together and left it in the refrigerator under plastic wrap for 2 days, then baked it and made brown rice to serve it over. I had also added extra lime juice and actually got worried that I had overdone it. But on the first bite, we were amazed at how tender the chicken was (2 days with lots of lime probably helped that), and a few bites later we were both just generally impressed with the flavor (using cheap frozen chicken, too). The only problem was that we did not have enough leftovers!

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Meredith C-ville January 10, 2007

This tasted great. I actually used chicken thighs and added extra lime juice because I like the flavor. I cooked vegetables in the pan juice and they were terrific too. Delicious recipe!

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shamieya July 21, 2006

Wow! Talk about a burst of flavors in your mouth. The recipe is so simple too. I served with mashed potatos that I added roasted garlic and parmesean cheese to and some steamed veggies. Great recipe - thanks for sharing.

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Mysterygirl October 04, 2005
Baked Chicken With Lime,scallions, Mushrooms & Capers