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This was so easy and tasty, thank you! I used my Nu-wave oven so I covered mine for the first part of the cooking time then let it crisp up, served with sweet pepper rice and steamed broccoli. What an easy meal. It really irks me when someone is rude about a recipe and sites how much more they can do...this site caters to all level of cooks and even us experienced cooks like new, easy recipes. At my house, we are very grateful and thankful for your time to share this with us, it was delicious!

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Morningfeather January 22, 2011

This was really tasty (and REALLY easy). I used leg quarters. I added some other seasonings to the garlic powder (salt, pepper, cayenne powder, marjoram, onion powder), drizzled on the soy sauce, and baked with tin foil over the roasting pan for about an hour, and then I removed the tin foil and let the chicken skin crisp. DELICIOUS! I garnished with a bit of chopped fresh parsley and served with some mixed vegetables and rice. Thank you for sharing!

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NELady April 08, 2010

WOW! This is terrific! I was looking for a super-easy recipe for chicken thighs and this went above & beyond my expectations. There was virtually no prep -- 5 minutes is entirely accurate -- and the house smelled divine as the chicken cooked. The skin got perfectly crispy-crunchy, the meat was juicy, and the flavor outstanding. This is a keeper, and one 'll definitely give to my college-age kids who are newbie cooks. Thanks 3KillerBs!!

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Cakebaker21 November 19, 2009

I really enjoyed the Soy flavor. I am more of a Dale's guy, but I followed your recipe. I only added hot sauce. Great cooking directions as well. His1NOnly is way off and quite rude I may add. That person used the wrong sauce and rated your recipe one star?! Just RUDE! If after your recipe turned out under done chicken, that's one thing. But sauce flavor? I am offended for you 3B.

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CONCHOBOR99 February 14, 2010

As a poor University student I LOVE this recipe! All very cheap ingredients and I can easily make extra and use it to make other dishes. Also it takes very little time to prepare I just toss it in the oven and study while it's baking! Thank you for posting this yummy, easy, and inexpensive dish!

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MinouStars May 26, 2009

Loved this one! I actually marinate my chicken thighs in a ziploc bag with the garlic powder & soysauce. I poked holes in the thighs and didn't really measure the garlic powder or soy. I just put enough to coat. I have also put any extra thighs in the freezer with the marinade for a later meal and they turn out great too! Thanks for posting.

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Conkeylam May 05, 2008

I think some people have nothing better to complain about than other peoples recipes. This turned out wonderful for me. I added some seasoned salt and made sure to put seasonings between the skin and chicken (as well as on top) before I baked it. I didn't use Kikoman soy sauce and I had no problems. I baked it at 375 for 1 hour on the middle oven rack and the skin got crispy and delicious. I will be making this again and again. Thanks for posting.

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PSU Lioness March 09, 2011

Super simple! Easier than PBJ! Really does have the chinese food taste. DH loved it! Tastes much more complicated than it is. A 2-yr-old could make this!! Be generous with the seasoning & sauce!

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Rayndrop May 10, 2008

This is one of those recipes that just surprises you! I wanted something very very easy and had leg quarters so that was my search, this is what came up and it can't be more easy, I figured if anything it wouldn't be bad and I could just make some rice with it, well it was one of the best chicken dishes I have ever made! I poked the pieces with a skewer and the soy got down into the chicken and flavored it nicely, the skin was beautifuly crisp and had a really nice taste, it was perfect with steamed rice and broccoli spears. Sometimes easy is best.

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~Robyn~ May 12, 2007

I have actually done this before and after they are cooked I will put them in a large bowl with soy sauce and sliced onion and seal it for about 15 minutes shaking in a few times during that 15 minutes so the soy sauce and onion gets soaked in good. Wonderful flavor!!!! You can also if you like fried chicken to fry in sesame seed oil and put them in the bowl with onion and soy sauce. But baking them is much more healthy!!

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kmcghghy August 12, 2015
Baked Chicken Thighs/Leg Quarters