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I loved this chicken and so did my dinner guests. I made a few ingredient changes with what I had on hand. I replaced the 5 T butter with 2 T butter and 3 T olive oil. I didn't have bread to make breadcrumbs so I used Panko breadcrumbs. I took another reviewer's suggestion to add some honey to the mustard mix. I brushed the mustard mix on the chicken with a silicone brush. I was able to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Next time I'll make more of the bread crumbs and less of the mustard mix.The chicken had a nice crispy top and tender inside. I used bone-in chicken thighs with skin, I'll try without the skin next time. I also followed the suggestion to use a shallow pan with a rack to help make it crispy.

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mgallo75_11707469 September 09, 2013

My chicken thighs turned out so juicy & delicious. My only change was to add a tsp of honey to the mustard. I used a spicy mustard. Husband loved it. I loved it. Made it again 1 week later. This is now in my list of go to easy & tasty recipes. Thanks!

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KimmerlyA January 15, 2013

Prior to making this dish, my husband had lovingly told me that I wasn't very good at preparing meat dishes. After he ate this, it shut him up pretty fast : ) It was awesome (the chicken and the quiet!)

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kristalee21_3825281 February 14, 2011

This is an excellent recipe for chicken thighs. I've made this several time and am not sure of why I haven't reviewed it, because it is one of our favorites! I always use boneless, skinless for this and it turns out perfect. I do add a little honey, some garlic to breadcrumbs (or whatever spices I feel like), cook on a rack and always double the breadcrumb mixture (I use 1/2 of the parmesean and it comes out fine). It is just a delicious recipe. Make double because it will be gone quickly and it's just as good, if not better re-heated.

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strick11sr September 25, 2014

My 3rd time making this dish- LOVE IT! Easy, fast, tasty.. This seems to be a variation of an older garlic/butter chicken recipe which is also great, but this has even more flavor. I substitute Panko breadcrumbs instead of regular breadcrumbs as this allows for more flavor to adhere and gives a crisper texture to the chicken. I usually use skin-on chicken, but ended up with skinless- this recipe makes chicken so good it doesn't matter. In fact, i'd probably just stick with skinless with this particular dish...

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JephryB January 05, 2013

My family loves this recipe! <br/><br/>We only use boneless skinless thighs now - the one time we used thighs with skin it came out tasty but a bit greasy. <br/><br/>The only tip I would add is to keep the butter-mustard mix warm in a sauce pan on low heat while dipping because the cold thighes can harden the mixture so it won't coat anymore. My daughter thought of this and it works great.

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rwhite7851 October 26, 2014

SO quick, easy & delicious!!!!! Used boneless/skinless thighs, spicy brown for the mustard & 1/2 grated parmesan & 1/2 shredded parm~ everything else as called for. It was wonderful & dipped some fresh bread into the drippings on bottom of casserole dish. YuMM

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jenru March 29, 2013

I added a squeeze of honey to the mustard butter as well and it gave a nice little tinge of sweetness to the crust. Crunchy, good flavor. Next time I think I'll put the chicken on a rack in the pan since there was quite a bit of fat left over which prevented the undersides from getting crunchy. I used dry store-bought bread crumbs, and found that neither the crumb mixture nor the butter mixture went very far, so I ended up doubling everything but the chicken.

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LancetChick January 24, 2013

Great recipe! Easy, and so delicious. I used skinless thighs, less butter and forgot the parsley. We loved them and I'll be making these often. Thanks for posting this keeper recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview January 20, 2013

Excellent! Easy and fast. I had a mix of thighs and drumsticks (8 in all) and the amounts worked out just fine. I used a little bit extra of a new seasoning on the market, which has a piquant flavour. I have a fan/convection oven, and would advise to use a lower heat with those ovens. Thanks for the recipe! MADE AGAIN ON JAN 6, 2012: Good as before! This time I added just some seasoning salt (a tiny bit), but used slightly more Dijon mustard, and a drizzle of honey. The sauce formed a nice emulsion -- and mustard and honey are so nice together!

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Zurie January 07, 2012
Baked Chicken Thighs