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This was my first attempt at making spring rolls, and I was very pleased with the results! I too try to avoid deep-fried foods, and the oven crisped these up nicely! I loved the dipping sauce, and the ginger was really great in the filling. The only thing I would change next time is to cut the fish sauce in half to reduce the saltiness a little. I will use this method in the future for any spring roll recipes that call for deep-frying. Thanks for a great recipe! Made for ZWT6.

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noway June 01, 2010

I love the cooking method on these! I was happily surprised that the egg roll wrappers got crisp. I used lobster, scallops and shrimp that I had already for the meat, and just a teaspoon of the fish sauce. We weren't crazy about them in the dipping sauce (which would be great for potstickers), we liked them plain or dipped in straight hoisin. I can't wait to try this method on other fillings!

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Maito March 05, 2011

WOW - these are TERRIFIC! I left out the been thread noodles and used extra bean sprouts instead. Mine got nice and crispy; I wish they had gotten a little browner but the flavor and texture was still perfect. Loved the dipping sauce too; I didn't have any hot sesame oil so just added some red pepper flakes. Can't say enough about this great recipe - it's a keeper! Thanks for sharing! Made for ZWT6, Zwizzle Chicks

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loof June 28, 2010

These were pretty good but I thought the sauce in the filling was a little on the strong side. I think next time I'll just use the Hoisin sauce. I would have liked more veggies and a little less chichen also. I used Egg Roll wraps because they are easier for me to work with. I really liked the dipping sauce and would make more of that next time. Thanks for sharing. Made for ZWT #6 :)

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~Nimz~ May 28, 2010

Made these pretty much as indicated, but did take a bit more time than indicated (old age & slow . . . you know what I mean!) but thoroughly enjoyed making these & working with the wrappers, which gave me no trouble at all! As with others, we absolutely appreciated that these were baked, & I'll be making them again in the future! [Made & reviewed in Zaar Stars tag]

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Sydney Mike February 27, 2010

I made these using another reviewers advice and didn't overstuff them. It made them come together easily and it worked great! The filling is so delicious! My friend, her DD and I devoured them for lunch! I did cut way back on the sesame oil to about 1/2 tsp. after reading the reviews and the dipping sauce was awesome! I look forward to indulging in these often, maybe next time trying some shrimp or pork. Thank you for sharing it with us Brooke! Made for Zaar Stars 3/09 Linda

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Linda's Busy Kitchen March 10, 2009

Excellent from the farm on all accounts. I used the wrappers you get in the fridge section as well, and although my first one kinda fell apart, I pasted it back together and the rest really went together rather easily. I resisted the urge to fill them up, and this really made it much easier to roll tightly, thus reducing the roll from unrolling or tearing. I love the use of chicken in these, and am anxious to add some small shrimp as suggested by another reviewer. Thanks for such a lovely recipe, to devour, and the sauce is really, really terrific, although I confess to reducing the sesame oil to less then 1/4 teaspoon. Oh yummy! Thanks so much, Brooke this was every bit as good as I thought! Made for *Please Review My Recipe* February 2009.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm February 24, 2009

these are excellent!! easy peasy to make, i used the dried rice paper wrappers, just dip in warm water. Any filling would be good too with this technique. I want to make some shrimp ones next time! Thanks so much!

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MarraMamba November 28, 2008

Superb recipe! Tasted very nice, really recommend it :) I decided to fry them instead of baking them. If you want to fry them, seal the ends with a mixture of flour and water to shut the ends so that the filling doesn't come out. And another tip, you can also freeze these for later (before frying/baking) but don't make the same mistake I made, don't just put them all in one bag. They'll stick to each other and tear apart. Put them in a baking tray and put them in the freezer for 30 mins to 1 h and after they are frozen, but them in a bag.

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Naba H. August 01, 2015

These turned out fantastic! My spring rolls were a little larger than stated in the recipe, so I had enough filling to turn 2 spring rolls into a full on meal! Delicious combination of flavors. I left them in the oven until they began to get golden brown around the wrinkles....probably could have gone a little longer, but I think this is a personal preference. HINT: Find an international market with a variety of asian products for the best result. The Hot Sesame Chili oil can be tough to find, but it's totally worth it. Don't use the American version of these ingredients....the flavors just can't compare. Thanks for a great recipe!

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ElvisPresley99 September 08, 2012
Baked Chicken Spring Rolls