Baked Chicken

Total Time
1hr 15mins
15 mins
1 hr

We've been making this chicken for years and everyone enjoys it. Recipe source: Bon Appetit (May 1981)

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  1. Preheat oven to 375-degrees F.
  2. Grease a baking dish big enough to hold chicken in one layer.
  3. In a pie dish combine the 1/4 cup melted butter with lemon juice.
  4. In a pie dish combine cheese and breadcrumbs.
  5. Dip chicken pieces in butter/lemon mixture than roll them in the breadcrumb mixture and arrange in prepared dish.
  6. Drizzle remaining butter over chicken and then sprinkle with paprika and sesame seeds.
  7. Bake for one hour, basting frequently and turning chicken halfway through cooking time.