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OMG! This chicken was so freaking awesome! I made it exactly to recipe and then at the end of cooking I mopped the chicken real good with BBQ sauce and finished cooking it for about 10 mins. When I took it out it smelled SO good! The skin was brown and crispy and with the BBQ sauce it tasted almost as good as grilled. It was very tender and moist inside too. I used Mrs. Dash regular seasoning quite liberally instead of the other seasoning mentioned. One note...be sure to line your pan with tin foil as it gets kind of messy. Also watch your chicken from getting too brown before its cooked. Just put tin foil over it so it doesnt burn. If you're going to add the BBQ sauce, dont cover it or it will steam and all your yummy crispy skin will pull off the meat.

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joyful1975 March 31, 2011

I passed on the patting dry the chicken and I realized it is an important step because when i do pat it down it is really crispy! Thanks for posting an easy recipe!

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tiffanynodal January 06, 2011

A nice healthy change for my capillaries since they were beginning to scream for mercy. Oh, this falls under my 10 reasons why I love Recipezaar. Reason #1 I'm loaded with enough recipes to last me the rest of my life, but that doesn't stop me from continuously searching for the next 5 star recipe that will swoon my family. Swooning's a good thing. At the peek of their zombie-like state I can easily persuade them to do dishes and put out the garbage...and if I'm lucky, maybe, rake the leaves. Made for Alphabet Soup Tag.

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gailanng December 08, 2009

Who knew simple could be so delicious!! I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts, as they were what I had on hand, and cut down the cooking time to 30 minutes. They were really moist and had a great flavor. I poured the leftover seasoned butter at the bottom of the pan onto some rice and it was terrific too. This is definitely a keeper -- thanks for sharing it!

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TasteTester July 23, 2012

Due to procrastination on my part, I was left with nothing thawed for Sunday dinner for DH and myself. All I had were two chicken hind quarters left from a 10 lb. bag I'd bought the day before. I had it earmarked for soup but I thought "What the heck." I brined them for an hour, using a quart of water w/ 1/4 cup of kosher salt dissolved in it. I lined a samll baking pan with foil and wrapped a small baking rack as well. I followed the recipe as written only using less butter of course, and it was a combination af real butter and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. The seasoning I used was just a generic season-all blend. I made sure to pat dry the pieces really well before hand. A previous review stated that brined chicken wouldn't come out crispy, but that wasn't true in my case. 45 minutes in the oven, uncovered, with a five minute rest worked really well. The chicken was moist and the skin was wonderfully crispy! Such a delightful result from two lower class cuts of chicken! Served it with warm buttered french bread, canned corn, and tossed salad. Great quality from low budget fare. Wonderful, simple recipe I'll use again and again! Five stars!

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Nougat October 17, 2011

I was SHOCKED at how awesome this chicken turned out, because it couldn't be any easier to make! I even sometimes use boneless, skinless breasts and it still turned out just perfect. My family just loves this recipe and they ask for it all the time, and I'm not complaining!

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imakepeoplepretty October 26, 2010

Who knew something so easy could be so good?? I used 6 chicken breasts to 1 cube of butter, and instead of the seasoned salt I used salt, pepper, rosemary and sage. Even the refrigerated leftovers were tender and juicy!
10/07/2012 UPDATE: This is now my go-to for chicken breasts! I get the boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a bag and just throw them into a casserole dish - still frozen! - and top them with the melted butter (sometimes I substitute the butter with olive oil). Then I top them with whatever seasonings tickle my fancy that day and bake at 450 degrees in the convection oven for about 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken breasts. They come out tender and juicy and delicious!

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Wyldemoon October 07, 2012

So easy, so delicious! I used chicken thighs and instead of the season-all I used salt, pepper, garlic and adobo. I put the chicken on a crisping rack so that the bottom wouldn't get soggy from the butter. I brushed on more butter every 15 mins and the chicken was crispy and delicious

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AmandaMcG September 30, 2011

This was delicious and the family loved it! It's hard to find chicken recipes that pleases everyone, because I serve it so often. But this is easy, the skin comes out crispy and is a big hit. I brine my chicken first to make sure it stays moist. Love it and have made it several times. Thanks for the recipe!

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Tampa Chefette August 30, 2011

Loved it!! I can't believe how simple it was to make and how great the flavor turned out! I used drumsticks, about 6-8 of them. Mine were finished cooking in about 35-40minutes. My kids loved them, as did I. Will make again!

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bebeboy03 March 05, 2011
Baked Chicken