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Think of these as mini crackers. They taste great and are easy to make. I used bread mix A from Annalise's great book but I think any flour mix would work. I doubled the recipe then divided it into four pieces which I rolled out very thin. The outsides cook faster than the middle but it is easy to flick off the outer squares (or diamonds) and put the tray back in for another minute. It would be easy to make flavor changes, add vanilla or almond extract, add ground nuts instead of the flax, honey instead of molasses etc. I was surprised no one had reviewed this recipe before but maybe the name put people off from trying it. Maybe something like "baked cereal flakes" not mentioning the flax, it isn't such a major ingredient to call so much attention to itself.

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Yankiwi September 11, 2009
Baked Cereal Squares (Gluten Free)