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oh man!! This focaccia is INCREDIBLE!!! I divided my dough up into two cookie tray. I didn't have any garlic powder, so I minced up a head of garlic really fine and added it into the bread maker along with the flour and everything else. As for topping, I added some tomato paste, Mirj's Oven-Dried Tomatoes #14681, more minced garlic, some minced onion, mushrooms, and a generous sprinkle of oregano and basil and popped it into the oven. Once the bread was done, I turned off the oven, and just added a couple of thinly sliced processed cheese on the top. Eating it while I am reviewing it...best focaccia ever!! I think I will go home and make another batch, don't think it will last the day. Darn should have brought more to work.

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KitchenManiac February 25, 2003

This does make a lot. My large pizza pan is really big, as is my rectangular pan... I think that a jelly roll pan is too small. OOPS I should probably have indicated this... The cheese on top is what should make it golden. It always has for me. Also,it makes up nice as a bread loaf too (cooking time will change)...

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*Pixie* August 17, 2002

Everyone in my family loves this bread!! I made it in a large jelly roll pan and put different toppings on each half, so it was like having 2 flavors. Had to cook it twice as long and it never got golden. Next time I'll make it with 2 pans so the bread is thinner. THANKS for a family favorite.

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yogi August 16, 2002

This bread is fantastic! This is my second time I have made it and did not realize I had not review before. Yes it makes alot but believe me it does not go to waste. A gooey mess when making but the smells just from the dough is enough to make it worth it, then wait till you actually bake this bread the aroma is all over the house and it is wonderful, only second to the taste. Obiously a winner and will be made again & again in this house.

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Just Cher March 16, 2003

Awesome bread. It was so easy and the results were so great! I made the bread recipe exactly, but I didn't have any parmesan and I didn't use any additional toppings. It was still so good! I'm going to buy parmesan today for the next time I make it, which will be very soon. Thanks Pixie!

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starrynight November 21, 2003

Since I don't have a bread machine, I made it by hand. I used only 3 1/2 cup of flour. The dough is a dream to work with. I forgot the 3 Tablespoons water step but it still came out great . The bread came out nice and soft. My crust didn't come out crispy but soft also. For topping, I brushed mine with olive oil, sprinkle on 1 teaspoon of Kosher salt, and added some crushed oregano. So tasty. Thank you for a great recipe.

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YungB December 28, 2008

Excellent Focaccia Bread. I followed the recipe to a T and it came out perfect. Dough was easy to work with. My house smelled so good while this was cooking. My topping was a simple just Kosher Salt and Parmesan Cheese. Made to go with Darren's Home Burger Thanks Pixie. :)

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~Nimz~ November 29, 2008

I halved the recipe and added the extra water at the begining, set my breadmaker to dough setting and let it get on with it. Turned out wonderful, well risen, great crust. This time I made it with just the basic toppings, next time I will add a few add-ons. Great recipe Pixie, thanks for sharing Edited to say I have made this again at the weekend and used it like pizza dough and put the traditional tomato and cheese topping and it was fantastic!! A definate keeper

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Tulip-Fairy September 16, 2007

This is a recipe that makes me so thankful I have a bread machine! I probably wouldn't make focaccia without it but I will be making this focaccia often. Excellent and easy! I added the full amount of water right at the beginning...it made for a sticky dough in the end but your suggestion to oil your hands took care of that. To slightly lower the fat I used very little olive oil to top the bread and then just parmesan cheese and chives from my garden. For my personal taste I will reduce the amount of onion and garlic powder next time. I would make a meal out of this adding just a salad with some protein. Thank you, Pixie, for a fabulous keeper recipe!

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Cookin-jo June 13, 2007

Fantastic! My 10-year old daughter made this bread with tomatoes, black olives and cheddar cheese. We loved the soft texture and spice mix in the bread and on top. We submitted a picture of the bread on a cooling rack that hopefully will be posted soon.

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Cooksci August 27, 2004
Baked " Bread Machine" Focaccia With the Works