Baked Bloomin' Onion

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Total Time
15 mins
45 mins

A lowfat baked version of the popular appetizer served at Outback and other restaurants.

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  1. Heat oven to 425.
  2. Peel onions. Cut the bottom level but leave core intact.
  3. Cut onion 6 ways to make petals, carefully loosening. It will bloom more when cooked.
  4. Place flour salt and seasonings in zip lock bag.
  5. Spray onions with cooking spray, place in bag and shake gently.
  6. Remove onion and shake excess off.
  7. Place on baking sheet and spray again with cooking spray to aid in browning.
  8. Bake 35 to 45 minutes until tender.
  9. Serve with ranch dressing.
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hi, i'm from Vidalia,GA and i found it better u use a beer batter or like a Zaderans dry batter when it comes to flavor, but for crispyness, the last 10mins of cooking you should use your broiler, just keep tabs on the onions to make sure they don't burn!

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I found this had too much of a raw flour taste of it was cooked.

maybe if you shook the onion off really good after coating it? i think the key to crispness here would be to give it a good coating of oil spray, it will still add only minimal fat.