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I am sorry to say these did not turn out well. Maybe I did something wrong? I just thought that the coffee was too overpowering for the beans. It was worth a try though. Always trying to find new meals for my crockpot !

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Valerie in Florida March 24, 2004

Good, very good. This is not a recipe you would do if your in a hurry though, even after soaking and boiling the beans. The time spent however, is well worth it. The only change I made was I didn't have tabasco, so I used Franks Hot Sauce. It wouldn't all fit in my crockpot and some was put in a cassarole dish and baked for about 2-1/2 hours, so this recipe does lend itself to oven baking. Delicious!

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Karen1961 December 13, 2004

I presoaked the beans overnight and then proceeded with the recipe early next morning. I cooked the bacon in a heavy cast iron skillet and then drained off all the fat before adding the onions. When cooking the sauce, I used my splatter screen to keep it off me. The sauce is thick and rich. The beans require the full amount of soaking and cooking time even in my crockpot which tends to cook "hot". Even though this require some prep time, they are well worth the effort. The beans were served with Pulled Pork So It's Bekah's Pulled Pork Now sandwiches and Norwegian Cole Slaw Norwegian Coleslaw.

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PaulaG September 25, 2005

Don't let Bush's dog get hold of this recipe! This was excellent - a lot of work, but well worth it.

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Brad Beckwith June 14, 2004
Baked Beans (Crock Pot)