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I had never made baked beans before and tried this recipe because it was similar to what I remember my grandmother doing -- I added ham chunks to the recipe and substitued HP sauce for the Worchestershire Sauce and they turned out very good -- I had more than doubled the recipe and added twice the amount of molasses -- we just love them -- thanks for the starting point Andrew

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Andrew66 October 22, 2001

WOW, wonderful taste! After soaking the beans we cooked just the beans in a crock pot overnight. Then in the morning put the ingredients together in a bowl and add beans to mix (discard water). Then put all back into the crock to simmer on low for a couple hours. Instead of the maple suger we used 1/2 cup molasses and 1/2 cup brown sugar to give it more of a maritime flavour. I used 2 tbl spoons of wet mustard only because I didn't have dry.

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Richard Howe April 21, 2002

I had a lot of trouble with this recipe. Some of it was the chefs fault. I got called to work before the 5 hour soak time was up so my beans soaked about 17 hours. I mis-read the recipe and baked uncovered for 4 1/2 hours @ 200F. The beans were not near done and chrunchy. Retutned them to the oven for 2 hours. Still crunchy. Reread the recipe for the 4th time and discovered they were suppose to be covered, baked 4 hours more covered. Still not done. Since this a Canadian recipe, could the 200F state be 200C. The taste was there. If I make it again, I will overnight it in the crockpot on low.

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Roger/OH September 03, 2003
Baked Beans