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Oh my Richard, but your Aunt is a wonderful cook! After spending years of playing around trying to get the flavor I was looking for, I finally found it in this recipe. I served these last night with some crockpot ribs and the combination was excellent together. I had made these the night before and just popped them in the oven to warm (about) 25 minutes. They were super! Thanks Richard, my search is finally over!

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Just Cher September 12, 2002

So good! Finally a good baked beans recipe that doesn't require ground beef and all kinds of other stuff added to it to fatten it up. This was just perfect! I cut this recipe by a 3rd and cut the brown sugar down to only 1/4 cup since I'm not a fan of sweet baked beans. I left the onion and mustard measurements as if I were making a full recipe. Just fabulous. Will use this one again for sure!

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RedVinoGirl October 18, 2010

These make excellent beans! I can't believe I haven't reviewed these yet, I've made them so many times, now. I do play with your proportions a little, though. I use 1 small onion, minced, 1 Tbsp spicy brown mustard, 3/4 cup brown sugar (maybe a little less), 2/3 cup ketchup, 1 Tbsp smoky BBQ sauce, and 1/2 lb bacon cooked and crumbled. Made this just last night to go with some brisket - Mmmmm!!! Thank you for sharing your aunt's recipe here, Richard!

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Beth A. December 30, 2010

This proved to be an easy, delicious way to dress up canned beans. I was cooking for two, so I only used one 28 oz. can of baked beans. I used Bush's or Van Camp's; I can't remember which. They were onion flavored, and I didn't have real or dried onion. I used a tsp. of minced garlic (from a jar), and I used the full amount of mustard (with horseradish) and bacon as stated in the recipe. I cut the brown sugar to 1/2 c., and I used 1/2 c. Heinz chili sauce in place of the ketchup. I baked the beans at 325 for about an hour. I will make these again and again.

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Lanie-Wife June 24, 2003

These truly are a taste treat!! The first time I made them I used all of the brown sugar and, although they tasted great, I thought they were too "sugary" in my mouth. The second time, I used 1/2 brown sugar and 1/2 molasses. That worked the magic for me!

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Z-chef July 19, 2010

Very good! Alittle on the sweet side for me but my dh thought they were wonderful. I used 1/2 regular brown sugar and 1/2 splenda brown sugar.

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momma213 June 24, 2010

Very nice for a quick throw together dish :) And yes the salt and sugar content is high but they usually are in these dishes, and just a thought to a previous mention of the sugar and carbs: We do need to remember the nutrition info on Zaar is usually shaky at best lol. For instance this recipe is calculated for one serving being 1 quart. I can't say i know many people who eat 1 Qt of baked beans at a time lol. (Ok maybe i know a few who would but I can promise they don't care about the sugar content if they do lol)

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PickleLover March 26, 2010

Easy and super tasty! Can't wait to make it again. I added a little jalepeno & it added just the spice it needed :). Thank you for posting!

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Frugal chef July 19, 2011

I made these not with canned beans but with left over great northern beans with ham already in it that I had made on Sunday. I wasn't sure this would turn out.. boy am I glad I was dead wrong! These came out great! I will never ever buy baked beans again! I did "bake" these in my crockpot on low for four hours instead of the oven.. had bread rising in the oven and a cake to follow it.. Just so if anyone else wants to do the crockpot over the oven.. Thanks Richard for the bestest * new word* EVER baked beans...

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WyomingMoonDust March 30, 2011

This recipe really surprised me I actually liked it! I made it thinking "I don't like baked beans" and found the opposite. I didn't have pork n beans as our shops don't sell them so I made it with kidney beans and otherwise followed the recipe. Will make it again.

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AussieFaith September 11, 2011
Baked Beans