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This was a learning experience for me! I discovered that I mutilate apples when I try to core them without a corer. So in order to "save my apples", I cut them in half and then cored them, slicing out more of the pulp. Proceeding with the recipe, layered the sausage mixture over the apple halves, not as attractive as whole apples would have been, but it worked. I did bake uncovered for about 30 minutes and decided to put the cover on for a few minutes, hence my 2nd learning experience ....apples will "foam" up when covered LOL! This may not occur if the apples had been whole. However, it is really not necessary to cover the dish. After all this, I really enjoyed this recipe. It smelled delicious while cooking, just like fall! The sweet/tartness of the apples was delicous with the slight spiciness of the sausage, great combination. I have leftovers to take for lunch next week and I look forward to it. Thanks Montana-GemBob!

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Bobtail October 28, 2007

I reduced the amounts to make 2 apples. This was very different for me, however my DH really liked it. I am not much on cooked fruit so enjoyed the sausage stuffing more than the baked apple. Thank you for sharing your recipe! Reviewed for PAC Fall '07.

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Susie D October 12, 2007
Baked Apples Filled With Sausage