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Great recipe XAnnete, My banana's were a little mushy also, but that is because they were overipe, I dont think banana's that were not so ripe would go mushy! You could always add the banana's toward the end of cooking, if you wanted them more firm! But.......we loved this recipe and the banana's being mushy phased no-one! We had it for breakfast over pancakes and apart from cutting the fruit, it took no time at all. I made the pancakes whilst the fruit was in the oven, and everything just fell into place when serving! Everone loved it, sweet and yummy, I agree with April Showers this recipe would go so well served with ice-cream as well! These Baked Apples and Bananas can be served in so many ways, the possibilites would be endless!! Loved it here XAnnette, a great big 5 Stars here. Will be making again! Thanks.

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Tisme January 27, 2008

I cut the recipe in half but used 2 bananas and 1 apple. After I had already sliced the fruit I realized I didn't have any apple juice after all, so I used OJ instead. Also didn't have any dark brown sugar so I used all light. Left out the vanilla. This was good, and it would have been even better on top of french toast or waffles or ice cream.

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AprilShowers May 12, 2007

Sorry this didn't work out for me. I cut the recipe in half but I used Splenda for the dark brown sugar since I only had Splenda brown sugar blend. I just think this wasn't my taste. The bananas got kind of mushy in the oven-just not my kind of taste or style with bananas. Thanks anyway!

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LUVMY2BOYS February 25, 2007

I did mine totally in the microwave. First I boiled until the sugar melted, added the vanilla then stirred in the fruit, put back in the micro and cooked for about 8 minutes until it bubbled. This was great on our eggo( was lazy) waffles and what was left I had only to warm it back up in the microwave and mix it into my Special K cereal for a special treat. Thanks for a recipe with endless possiblities.!!

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LAURIE May 27, 2006
Baked Apples and Bananas