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I was manager at Bickfords before a step I see a few things that were done differently. If you know you are going to be cooking this, prepare the apples the night before with cinnamon and sugar. When they are baked in the restaurant they are flipped 3/4 of the way through. Before flipping sprinkle some cinnamon sugar and that helps form a glaze. Press it down lightly with a the spatula. This also allows for the crispy bottom. When serving you flip it back onto the plate. This does take a little skill so it may be why so many omit, but it allows it to rise more. Make sure the pancake is fully cooked on the bottom before flipping. It is a little more work and is tricky but it will make that much better. Hope this helps.

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Bill M. November 23, 2013

Used 12" cast iron skillet, so did 1 1/2 recipe and extra 10 minutes in oven. This was too egg-y for my taste. There were some bites that tasted good, so I will try again. I will probably try a single batch in the bigger pan, with extra apples and cinnamon.

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mnaz4 April 03, 2016

Growing up in Boston a trip to Bickfords for Sunday brunch was such a treat, and each time we went we all ordered the baked apple pancake. Over the years I've tried many other versions, but this recipe really got it. The first time I try a recipe I usually follow exactly as written. Next time I'll try Bill M.'s (former Bickfords manager) suggestion about flipping the pancake 3/4 of the way through baking.

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The swimmer January 31, 2016

Delicious- kids love it - i replace sugar with 2 apples and blend all ingredients in my vitamix - it takes much longer to bake though!

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Michele B. October 13, 2015

Never been to Bickford's but now I've been there vicariously through the experience of this wonderful recipe. This can also double as a desert & with vanilla ice cream, Yummm. Thanks for sharing.

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Sanford and Sons October 17, 2013

Was a Bickford's fan and now almost all are gone in this area, just one remains about 45 minutes away so tried this recipe - pretty darn close! I make it with organic coconut oil instead of butter, extra cinnamon, and half the sugar(organic raw) for a healthier version using the 6-7" size lodge cast iron pan(slightly smaller than the recipe calls for). It comes out great every time! We eat it whenever we want a warm, comforting easy to make meal no matter the time of day. We make it with peaches(canned or fresh), pears, apples, bannanas, whatever is fresh and available. Top fav's are peach and apple though.

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L D. October 12, 2013

Thank you for sharing this recipe. I'm glad I found this recipe. We were getting home sick from Massachusetts and we wanted the Baked Apple Pancake from Bickfords. I made it tonight and was delicious. We had breakfast for dinner. good old times.

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mlsilva August 24, 2013

This is a great recipe and easy to prepare. My wife is from the NH & MA area and has eaten at Bickford's Restaurants in MA many times, She perfers this recipe much better due to the smooth texture to the filling over a pancake texture.

We subsituted peaches for one of the apples and the flavor is excellent. We also used a 7" cast iron skillet which made the pancake higher and fluffier.

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krtrainer October 23, 2011

This was very delicious! I usually make an Apple Dutch Baby pancake I found in a Sesame Street cookbook, but was looking for something a little different. This has quite a bit more sugar than the other recipe, so I would not make this as written too often (I need to watch my carb/sugar intake) -I used raw sugar but will use Stevia next time. It was very easy and very tasty. I used freshly ground whole soft wheat, which gave it a nice texture and flavor, and was very generous with the cinnamon in the apples (left it out of the batter, my preference). Big hit with the kids for breakfast today, Thanks! Oh, and I also used my beloved cast iron skillet...there's no other way to cook IMHO (;

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The Frugal Cheflady March 08, 2011
Baked Apple Pancake