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Hi all: I just want to help out for those of you having trouble finding those great little small apples. In my area of Southern Claifornia Vons carries them sporadically and sometimes regularly. For those of you East of the MIssissippi, I believe this market chain is called Safeway and you should be able to approach the produce manager and request he/she get some in as the major chain does buy them and if so, then all the markets in the chain have access to that product. You just have to express an interest and the produce person should bring them in for a try. BTW, we've bought several varieties both last year and this year and were completely impressed with the flavor and quality. I thought they'd be mushy or bland but they tasted as good as or even a little better than their larger counterparts. And boy are they cute too! So, go talk to the produce person and request them - they're worth it. Or, could you halve the apples top to bottom and place the skin side up in the recipie if you can't find the small apples? Just a thought. Enjoy!

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Citrus1000 September 24, 2008

I wanted to write this review since I think this recipe is given a bit of an unfair bad rap. Especially now that the instructions have been clarified. I didn't use the marzipan, because I didn't have any, but I made a mix of pecans, brown sugar, caramel pieces and honey to fill the apples with. I also couldn't find apples as small as it calls for, so I used ones that were probably about 3 inches in di, cored them and then baked them on their own for about 20 mins in the pan I was going to use for the cake. Super easy.

The batter was like a very thick pancake batter, so it needs a little help being spread. Make sure you take note of that. I had to spread around my apples because I'd stuffed them full of goo already.

You really don't need a thick layer because this cake really rises quite a bit. I also agree with the reviewer who said it reminded them of shortbread. It's wonderfully buttery and the places that got soaked in honey and apple juice were absolutely delicious. On top of that, this is a real good cake for presentation since no one expects it. I didn't personally eat the apples because I don't like them tart, but they certainly got gobbled up.

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Juushinkan September 30, 2010

I just made it and it was delicious! The cake is so tasty and sweet and is making a great contrast to mild sourness of the apples. Next time I will try it with peeled apples....

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sanjurak October 31, 2008

I made this last night for dinner guests - it was great. Pretty easy as far as baking goes (I'm not a baker!). I substituted honey for the marzipan, as we couldn't find it in our local grocery store. Also, I could only fit 2 apples into the pan. They were still pretty firm, but it was a nice contrast I think to the soft cake. Excellent recipe. Also made an impressive display for the guests. Will definitely use this one again.

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Chef JjaJja September 24, 2008

Don't want to offer any stars at this point, as I couldn't find any small apples, so it just wouldn't be right. The smallest I could find were about 3-1/2 inches in diameter, and too large to bake in the 25 minutes it took for the cake to bake. I will try it again, but will prebake the apples for half an hour before adding them to the batter. I divided the batter among 4 - 6" pie plates. Worked beautifully as far as the cake batter went. The cake reminds me of shortbread. and not overly sweet. I will omit the marzipan next time, as it's not a favourite of mine, however I did want to try it out first as written. I would probably do the common "brown sugar, nuts, and cinnamon" combo thingy. Thanks Thorsten for a wonderful idea.

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Diana #2 September 22, 2008
Baked Apple Cake