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Although the directions forgot the baking time, the cupcakes turned out great. Bake them at 20 minutes. I would say they were cool after an hour or so. Make sure the broiler is preheated before putting them in (despite my broiler saying not to preheat). If you put them in longer than 30 seconds, the ice cream will start to melt into the batter, so it is critical that the broiler is hot and ready. I used 3/4 cup milk + 2 Tbsp butter for the light cream.

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carlamoose March 23, 2008

Made exactly as written. I used cupcake liners and next time will remember
to use only white (or light blue) to mimic ice/snow/glacier. I'm not either a marshmallow
or meringue person but the recipe fit the party theme perfectly: a bon voyage to a family member's trip to Alaska for six weeks. It was enjoyed by all young and old and tasted good, surprisingly enough! Definitely five stars for novelty-if nothing else! Cartamoose's review was helpful, too. Thanks for posting, Molly!

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COOKGIRl June 13, 2011
Baked Alaska-Ettes