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I don't even know where to begin with the reasons that I LOVED these tacos! I've never tried the fried stuff from the taco trucks and I don't think I would want to now after I had these. To prepare them, I took the advice of other reviewers and marinated the fish for about 3 hours and I think I could have just eaten the fish by itself because the Lawry's marinade was fantastic. I had no cod on hand so I used flounder since it seems to be a milder fish and I had no problems. I cut the filets in half lengthwise before I put them in the marinade, thinking that each taco would have a half on it. I opted to broil it on a foil lined cookie sheet for about 5 minutes per side and totally forgot about shrinkage. The filets were tiny so we used 1 whole filet per taco. I served it with shredded cabbage (the crunch it added was amazing and I think I will even be using it on regular tacos now), black beans, homemade Spanish rice, shredded Mexican blend cheese and the chipotle sauce. For the sauce, I used Hellman's canola oil mayo (to cut down on fat and cholesterol) and nonfat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream (to save some fat and add protein). The sauce tasted EXACTLY like the Taco Bell Chipotle Sauce that we have been buying from the grocery store for years and it cost a lot less and has to have a better nutritional value. After we used the sauce we made for dinner, I whipped up a double batch to keep in the fridge to use on sandwiches and other things. Sorry about the long winded review, but this is honestly one of my new favorite foods. I see myself making these tacos at least once every week because everyone loved them, even though they all swear that they hate fish. Thank you so much for posting!

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PSU Lioness May 01, 2012

Can I give this 100 Stars??? OMG this is sooo good! We love the sauce, the marinade - everything. I do change this up a bit though. We prefer broccoli slaw - hubby doesn't like cabbage. Also, I sometimes use the large flour tortillas and fry them into bowls, using a slotted metal spoon to keep them indented. I use veggie oil and it takes only seconds to create. Thanks for this recipe that I make over and over again.

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hollyberry117 July 08, 2011

Hear this! The recommended Lawry's marinade is the secret to success with this recipe. I used two frozen tilapia loins and put them in the fridge with the marinade a day ahead. Mixed up some sauce with light Miracle Whip/FF greek yogurt/chipotle salsa (a jar from the store) and a salsa mixture of diced tomato/avocado/green onion/jalapeno pepper/salt/lime juice. I pulled the fish out of the marinade and dredged in flour/corn meal mixture before frying in a bit of canola oil (5 min per side). After draining on paper towel, I used a fork to shred into chunks, and then placed on microwave warmed corn/flour blend tortillas, topped with shredded cabbage and the sauce and salsa. My DH said they were the best fist tacos ever, and he compares everything to Wahoo's from SoCal. Thanks for the recipe laralie41!

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AustinCFos August 23, 2014

LOVED these! Also made a cilantro sauce to put on them. SOOOO good!!!

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Bonnie.M July 11, 2012

This is a really tasty dish that the kids, my wife and I loved. I deviated from it quite a bit but instead of creating a new recipe, thought I'd add my notes here. I marinated the cod overnight and it wasn't overpowering so no need to worry about that. I cooked the fish on my Foreman grill and it turned out great and it was quick quick quick (make certain to spray some Pam on the Foreman first!!!) I made some Zatarain's New Orleans Style Yellow rice and some corn and mixed them together with the fish. Then I put the fish/corn/rice mixture into big tortillas and made burritos. It was awesome. Bon Appetit!

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tommer100 April 18, 2010

Can anyone tell me where to buy the marinade for the fish? Is it in Canada or the US? Thansk

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jaimehenningson January 06, 2016

Great tacos that were very easy. I did mine in a pan with the sauce. Served with Mexican kale salad.

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adopt a greyhound March 28, 2015

These were pretty flavorless. If I try them again, I would definitely add more flavor and spice to them as some of the comments recommended, but as they are in the recipe they are pretty boring. The marinade didn't add much flavor at all. I really wanted these to be awesome.

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dreier123 February 03, 2015

This was fabulous. Just a perfect blend of flavors. The whole family went nuts over this.<br/><br/>I have heard people rave about fish tacos, but I had never had them. Most recipes have cilantro which we don't like. So I tried this recipe. We used Swai for the fish and we made cole slaw instead of just cabbage. I sliced up some avocado to put in it too. Some tartar sauce instead of the white sauce. So, it was a little different than the basic recipe. But this recipe goes into the recipe box.

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james byron June 23, 2014
Baja Chipotle Fish Tacos