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translated from the german weight watchers website. 2.5 points. i suppose you could substitute the sugar with splenda. times are estimated.

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  1. set aside 1 tsp of the sugar, dissolve the remaining sugar with the water on medium heat, until the sugar becomes liquid (about 1 min.), don't let it carmelize.
  2. beat the egg white and mix in the sugar/water mixture until stiffened.
  3. put the yolks, 1 tstp of the sugar, and the baileys in a heat-proof bowl. place the bowl in boiling water (about 5 min.) until it thickens.
  4. mix in the egg whites.
  5. divide into 6 serving glasses or dishes and cool.
  6. if you'd like, top with fat-free whipped cream! the original recipe called for making cream, but i haven't found fat-free whipped cream here yet.

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