Bailey's Hot Fudge Sauce - Employee Directions

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by KateL

Bill Kates supplied this recipe as he made it on his very first job when he moved to Boston. He took the job as a soda jerk because he loved the Hot Fudge Sauce at Bailey's Ice Cream Parlor of Boston, Mass. I found the recipe inside his review of "bailey's Hot Fudge Sauce" #202009, and was surprised he had not posted this version himself. Hot Fudge is serious in our family, so I made both the version Bill K made on the job and "bailey's Hot Fudge Sauce". The result of my taste test war? Whatever chocolate you use, that quality will determine the quality of your sauce; skimp, and the taste suffers. I used Hershey's cocoa powder by accident when I made this version, and the distinctive Hershey's taste came through loud and clear. Except for the chocolate source, the end result of both recipes came out about the same. I prefer working in a double boiler because it is easier to keep the chocolate from getting too hot.

Top Review by Dories Lori

I tried a few Hot Fudge recipes, and they were all delicious! But the reason this one took the cake was for its pure taste of chocolate - my family agreed this is what Hot Fudge Sauce SHOULD taste like. The ones with butter, vanilla, etc. tasted a bit caramel-y, and perhaps even more delicious, and definitely more complex, off a spoon. But, this is the one to use on ice cream!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 12 cup pure powdered Dutch-processed cocoa powder, the best you can find
  • 12 cup white unbleached cane sugar or 12 cup superfine sugar
  • 12 cup heavy cream or 12 cup whipping cream


  1. Set up double boiler so that bottom of double boiler insert does not touch the water. Put insert on top and begin heating bottom water to medium heat.
  2. Put powdered Dutch cocoa and sugar in the double boiler, and stir together. While stirring, SLOWLY add cream as you continue to stir. getting all the lumps out.
  3. Continue stirring until thoroughly heated, about 6-8 minutes for this small amount.
  4. Serve immediately. Refrigerate unused portion.

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