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Yummy. I used frozen shrimp which I ran cool water over to thaw. A good canned tomato I chopped up plus some of the liquid and a little water. I doubled the sauce since DH likes a sauce with his rice. I think the cooking time in somewhat long so I cut it down a bit. I may have forgot salt, I used a homemade garam masala which I added along with some fresh chopped cilantro, freshly ground black pepper & Loomi Powder (Noomi Basara, Dried Lime, Black Lemon, Loomi Aswad using black loomi as it is used a lot in Arabian Gulf seafood dishes, plus the rest of the ingredients. I served this with a sweet saffron rice dish called muhammar and a fresh chopped cucumber, tomato, sweet onion, pomegranate molasses salad. Made for Welcome to Bahrain!

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UmmBinat April 06, 2012
Bahraini Prawns / Shrimp in Tomato Sauce