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I had heard about Bagna Calda but never eaten or made it. When I saw the recipe I had to go for it. We like garlic and ansjovis, and that is a must when you decide to make this. I made it twice, the first time as posted, but it has the tendency to stay separated, the second time I cut up the ansjovis, cooked them a bit longer and after I took it from the heat I took a little handwisk and whisked it until it came together having the concistency of a sauce and the ansjovis were broken up completely. Although I changed the stucture, I did stick to the same ingredients. I served it with vegetables and toasted mini pita's which I sprinkled with some fresh lemon juice just before dipping. A new appetizer for us, which I will make again!

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Pets'R'us April 14, 2003
Bagna Cauda With Cream (Dip)