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This is a garlic lovers dream. After making it once this way I tweaked it: quartered my garlic cloves because they were very large, chopped the anchovies and only used enough olive oil to cover the other ingredients, I found the original amount to be way too much, with alot of the oil being wasted. Also, once it was finished cooking we mashed all the ingredients together and spread it on sour-dough, it was fabulous this way. As to the comments about it being mild in terms of garlic, I'm not sure if this person used fresh garlic because we found it to be extremely potent, really great, I can't wait to make this for company.

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Nikki S. May 26, 2006

I tried this & both my husband & I agree - for the amount of garlic used, the flavor was relatively mild. Maybe with less olive oil next time? We love garlic & barely picked at this when it was served. Sorry...

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kfsanctuary April 15, 2005

this is now one of my favorite recipes from zaar. wow...as i put everything together in the baking dish i couldnt imagine that the simple few ingredients i was staring at would end up being so unbelievably tasty. i am not sure if it was my stove, but it was done at an hour. i still left it in for the time listed in directions but i think for my oven that was too long b/c the garlic and anchovies were a little too well done in my opinion. so when i make this again...and i will be making this each week...i will cook for less time than suggested. i used it as a bread dip but it is so good it could be used for pasta or a marinade. super recipe. super simple. super taste.

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jennifer in new jersey April 07, 2005
Bagna Cauda ( Olive Oil, Garlic, Butter and Anchovy Sauce)