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I was searching for a good garlic bagel recipe to make for Father's Day. This one sounded good. Plus, we are vegan/vegetarian for compassion-oriented reasons, and I was very pleased to see that this recipe was vegan. I followed the recipe exactly, adding the garlic powder to the dough as indicated for the garlic variation. Then, because the guest of honor REALLY loves garlic, I sautéed about 1/2 a cup of garlic in olive oil then added it to the tops of the bagels about 15 minutes into the baking process (like the variation for onion bagels). They turned out great! The whole family thought they were FANTASTIC! (I'm the person who uploaded the photo of the garlic bagels.) Next time, I would sauté the garlic a little less on the stove top and add them a little sooner in the baking process. I think the garlic might adhere to the bagels a little better that way. I don't typically do a lot of cooking myself, so I was pleased that each step in the recipe was fairly simple. It did take me about two and a half hours from start to finish (adding a little extra time because I could only boil so many in a batch). Since it took so much time, I'm not likely to make this often, but on special occasions, this recipe is definitely a keeper!

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Kelly at Compassionte Kids June 19, 2005

These bagels turned out wonderful. However , I would say it probably isn't worth making them unless you are doing a double recipe.

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timhammond August 05, 2013

Made these a few time and thay are wonderful! We are avid bagel eaters and these are so good! I have alro used this recipe to make soft prezles. Everything is the same, except roll the dough into long ropes and then twist into prezles shapes. Delish!

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Flowers and Pearls October 17, 2009

Mmmmm!!! These were almost perfect. I followed nyc4me03 in making a struesal topping for half and made the other half according to the garlic recipe. Both refused to cook all the way through even with quite a bit of extra time so I sliced them and baked them like that for five minutes. The result was a perfectly toasted bagel. I will definitly be making these again.

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CassandraLynne11 July 29, 2008

I halved this recipe and got 7 decent sized bagels. They were perfect, as far as bagels go. The right texture, the right flavor, even the right color. I followed NYC4ME's advice and topped these bad boys with streusel topping. My husband, who I've never in 10 years seen eat a bagel, ate 3!

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Jenny Hooover November 14, 2007

I'm not sure what happened, but mine turned out small and hard. The dough rose nicely both times, but when I cooked them, they didn't puff up any more. After several failed attempts at baking bread, I've decided to give up on cooking bread and go get a bread machine.

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manninam October 13, 2007

Yummy! This was my first attempt at making my own bagels and they turned out great! They bagels came out the perfect shade of brown, chewy on the outside, soft on the inside. While I LOVE to eat breads of all sorts, I've only had limited success in making and baking them and this recipe made me look like a rock star :-) I made some slight changes and they are as follows: Instead of AP flour, I used bread flour. Due to this, I let my bagels rise an extra 10 minutes after shaping. Also, I made 24 mini bagels instead of 12 (I need to try and control my carb intake, somehow! :-). I had some problems shaping the balls and poking a hole into them (they weren't smooth enough) so I ended up rolling the dough out into logs and shaping them into circles. My holes kind of closed in when rising and baking so next time, I'll make sure to make the holes larger. Lastly, I sprinkled some left over streusel topping (Streusel Topping) over half of the batch during the last 12 mins. of baking for a nice (similar to Panara's cinnamon crunch) sweetness. I'll be making this again. Next time, I might try honey wheat. Or maybe a cinnamon raisin? Or, I have some leftover pumpkin- what about pumpkin walnut? The possibilities are endless! Thank you!

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nyc4me03 March 16, 2007

These bagels are great, I'll never buy from a store again. I made them a little big, I only got 7 out the batch, but they came out good with 5 minutes more baking.

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CharlieOfAlbany January 17, 2005