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These were good, but I think they were missing something because mine didn't turn out shiny and were a little heavy on the inside. They still had a good flavor though. I used sesame seeds and cinnamon sugar for the toppings. Thank you for posting! Made for PAC, Fall '09.

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Mami J September 22, 2009

These were pretty good. I tried to do the recipe as you said by placing the bagels into the boiling/simmering water after they had risen but when I did so they fell and turned flat when I had to turn them in the water. (See my first picture) I guess I'm not that good at handling risen dough!! So with half of the bagels I proceeded as your recipe described(boiling them after they rose for an half an hour) and with the other half of the bagels I put them in the oven at 425F after they had risen and cooked them for about 5-6 min. and then took them out and boiled them and then put them back in the oven at the same temp. and cooked them for an additional 15 min. They seemed to turn out pretty well that way and they didn't fall when it came time to boil them. Since I made this for Ramadan Tag I decided to serve it with labneh instead of cream cheese and sprinkled za'atar on the top! :) They were very good that way! We did enjoy them.(made for Ramadan Tag 2009)

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Leah's Kitchen September 10, 2009