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Wooo-Weee!! This is some tasty sauce. I followed the recipe to the letter and it's great as is - but should come with a warning before you take that first taste: the blend of flavors hits every single taste bud in your mouth! It's a real flavor explosion - and I haven't even tried grilling with it yet! Some of you may want to thicken this sauce (or reduce it a bit) - that's a matter of opinion. From me: 5 stars!!

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KeyWee March 29, 2002

CHEF'S NOTE: I just made another batch of this sauce and, after reading Kelly's comments, I simmered it a little longer until it was reduced to about 4 cups. Then I pureed about 2 cups' worth in a food processor, so the flavor is just a tad stronger and the texture is a little smoother. Thanks for the suggestion, Kelly.

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Mille® April 10, 2002

I have been invited to a big cookout next weekend, and I'm going to take about a half gallon of this sauce with me - I can't imagine any meat that this would NOT be good on. I used malt vinegar, Newcastle Brown Ale, and lots of fresh black pepper. I will share this recipe with a bunch of cookout freaks in my office.

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Buggerlugs Cuddlemorphus Girvan April 17, 2002

Just flat out wonderful! Great flavor - try this and you will never buy barbeque sauce again. I used it on Steve Grinavic's Seaman Family Barbeque Ribs and - wow!

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SuzieQue April 30, 2002

I like the spiciness in this sauce! You won't find that in any store-bought sauce. But if it bothers you, ramp down the cayenne. This sauce has a nice, well-rounded flavor, and rather chunky, too! It doesn't have the sweetness or smokiness many sauces are known for. After processing the sauce to give a better texture (at the chef's suggestion), the onion became more pronounced and the predominant flavor. I think if you want to puree the sauce you might want to cut back on the onion a bit. I think this sauce would be a perfect pairing for BBQ chicken- it has all the right qualities. I would make this sauce again, and keep a regular supply on hand. Thanks, Miller!

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Sue Lau July 05, 2002

Really good - especially after the slight modification of cooking it down to a thicker consistency (stay with it and keep stirring). I try to make it a day ahead and let the flavors blend overnight. My wife even asks for it instead of her old family recipe.

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Jim Hartsell May 29, 2002

Prepared this today to use on chicken and ribs. I wasn't thrilled with the aroma in the beginning, but it got better as time went by :) I used a potato masher to smush the onions and garlic before I added the other ingredients and this seemed to work well (I did not want to have to deal with pureeing!) I used a 12 oz. can of Bud Light, because that is was my hubby drinks, hope this was the right size can! I simmered mine for over an hour, stirring occasionally, which made for a lovely textured thick sauce (ended up being 3 cups). I used it on chicken legs that I was grilling and they came out delicious. Before I could try it on the ribs, the whole bowl flipped over and I lost the rest of the sauce in the grass! But...I am sure it would have been great on the ribs too :) Thanks! I will be making this again.

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Karen=^..^= September 23, 2002

I made this once before and it was waaaay too sweet for me. So, this time, I started with tomato sauce instead of chili sauce and sweetened to taste. I also leave out the water and use half the beer, cause it gets pretty thin. Because I have an industrial size jar of it, I added some Essence, which I think added some depth (and, uh Bam, haha). I like found last time that it gets better and thicker if you leave it in the fridge for a day. I know it sounds like a lot of doctoring, but I think BQ sauce is one of those personal taste things, and this is a great base recipe.

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messystation July 23, 2009

Wowwie! Sauce is Excellent from the first taste to your last bite of chicken! Yes, that's what I made it for, to put on my grilled chicken, and we ate like porkers! Sauce has a blend of ingredients that will keep you on your toes! I have some left to have with some grilled shrimp this week. Can't wait to have some of those! My DD's couldn't leave the sauce alone, and slobbered lots on throughout the cooking time on the grill. Not to worry though, it made the chicken sensational! Into my special recipe folder it goes, and right now!

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Tony Rules The Kitchen... Sally Watches! September 28, 2008

Taste buds get ready for an adventure. This chunky sauce many flavors and is quite interesting. the only change that I made was to use 3Tlb. of EVOO in place of the butter. I also cooked a bit longer to thicken it up a bit. Now I'm ready for Summer.

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Andrea in NH April 30, 2007
Badazz Barbecue Sauce