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You know, Anu, I feel its really "injustice" to give just 5 stars to this recipe. If I were a fairy, I would use my magic wand and give this recipe infinite stars. What an addictive recipe this is. I swear, I am no-good when it comes to making burfi, but, this one's come out SO GOOD, it looks as though its bought readymade! My Goodness, I can't wait to share it with everyone tomorrow morning! The preparation time, cooking time and number of servings, everything is PERFECT! These are so addictive! I scraped the pan clean and licked my fingers clean on the crumbs. What a delectible treat these will make in the coming winter months! I promise you, I will break my coming Friday fast, with this recipe of yours and pray to God to make all your dreams come true. I'd like to mention that I used 2 tbsps. of melted ghee for this. Another small thing that was missed in the recipe which could be handy for those who don't make burfis' regularly - you have to peel the almonds and only after peeling them, you have to grind them. I put them in water and heated them for a few minutes. This made the skin soft and easy to peel off! Anu, thanks COUNTLESS TIMES for posting this recipe. Why didn't I try this earlier?!

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Charishma_Ramchandani September 09, 2002

These are delicious and addicting, Anu! Thanks to Charishma's comments, I just had to try this and am so glad I did! I used only 1/2 C sugar, and margarine since I had no real butter on hand. Seems I had to cook it for a pretty long time. Maybe because of my substitutions or because I didn't grind the almonds fine enough. No matter! It finally thickened and everyone here is loving it. Nice and nutty. Thanks for a great treat!!!

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yogi November 27, 2002

I love these! I have made it both with regular butter and with ghee, and either one works for me. I love almond flavored sweets, so these are right up my alley. Very easy to make and absolutely delicious. Very sweet, so they go well with coffee or tea.

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Sarah Cox November 26, 2006

I was spending so much money buying this pre-made at my local international store that I had to try to make it on my own. They were fantastic, and I recommend them to anybody who likes the taste of marzipan. The mixture took a very long time to thicken, and I continuously wondered if it was ready already... but when it is, you can tell. The mixture will start pulling away from the sides of the pan (like the recipe says) and form a ball around your wooden spoon. If you're patient, you'll be well rewarded :-)

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Sascha November 05, 2005

This is SO easy! The burfi I've made in the past called for boiling down 4 cups (!) milk which takes a looong time & makes a mess. I love Anu's recipe, 'tho I do add to it 1/2 to 1 tsp almond extract & a good fat pinch of cardamom when mixing the ingredients in the pan. This is definitely going to be my new burfi recipe - many thanks!

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Pix F. April 24, 2013

This was definitely the easiest burfi I made.No guess work,no standing in front of the stove for hours..the only addition I made was -saffron strands. The other thing I learned from my mom was to put a small drop of the "bread batter" on to a bowl with some water.If the drop can be gathered to form a ball,the batter is ready to be spread.This recipe is a winner..Thanks Anu.

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gkb January 02, 2010

This is amazing! It is so tasty and quite easy to make, as well! I substituted maple sugar, goats milk and goats milk butter. I also used pre-ground almond meal that I found at the grocery store so it was a snap to put together. I cooked mine for about 30 minutes, it was very clear when it was time to put it in the pan to cool. It set up beautifully and tastes divine!

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francoroni October 01, 2007

i tried this today after a bad outcome with a recipe from a cook book. it also took a long time to thicken. the outcome was DELICIOUS but i sure wish someone would post photos. i'm familiar with barfi and this didn't look like it. it also didn't have the same creamy texture, it's more....i don't know how to explain it. even if it's wrong it tastes amazing but if someone has a photo of theirs, please do share! amancia

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amancia January 24, 2007

I'm vegan, so I used vanilla soymilk instead of whole milk, and 1 T vegetable oil instead of ghee (had no margarine around). I also had to return mine to the pan to get it to the right consistency to set, though I think I overdid it because when I got it back to the pan it wouldn't spread. BUT THESE ARE FANTABULOUS! I scraped the spoon, spatula, and pan clean! What can I say except that these are utterly delectable, intensely sweet, and lovely! Will make this often!!!

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Peace Kitchen December 27, 2006

I've been trying to make Burfi for about 2.5 years now and never had success. But this recipe was awesome and it came out perfect. Thank you so much!!!

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Natakiya December 24, 2006
Badam Burfi (Almond Squares)